Can You Cut a Mirror with a Tile Saw

Can You Cut a Mirror with a Tile Saw

Nowadays mirror and mirror tiles are used to decorate work. They simply look outstanding. Glass and mirrors have architectural beauty. Mirror crafts are also very popular. If you work with the mirror, the glass cutter is the main element that needs to cut the mirror perfectly. Justin case your glass cutter is damaged and you want to complete your project in time the tile saw can help you.

You can cut a mirror with your tile saw. Just replace the blade with a diamond-studded glass-cutting one. Depending on the tool you choose to cut the mirror, the final result will be the same.

Can You Cut a Mirror With a Tile Saw

A glass cutter is the best tool to cut the mirror and glass. But sometimes we need to take alternative options according to the situation. A tile saw is a very popular and workable alternative. It is possible to use a tile cutter or tile saw to cut through glass. You just need to convert the blade to a glass-cutting one studded with diamonds. 

It’s a very easy and common process. Many workers use the tile saw to cut the mirror. Mirror and glass are the same kinds of materials so both items are cut through the tile saw. Work gently since glass and mirrors are more prone to breakage than ceramic or porcelain ones.

How to Cut Mirror Without Glass Cutter

Before glass cutters, glass was cut using hot iron rods. This strategy worked well but had several flaws. So glass cutters appeared. Some cutters have a diamond tip in the wheel, while others employ hardened steel or tungsten carbide. If you’re wondering how to know how to cut glass and mirrors without a glass cutter then this article will be on your side. 

Step One

To cut a mirror without a cutter, you must first choose the right instrument. The Tile Saw, Carbide Scribe, Diamond-tipped Scribe, and Steel File is a popular alternative that works great. Pick the right one according to your choice.

Step Two

It’s time to clean the mirror perfectly. 4 to 5 sheets of newspaper on a big flat surface, such as a tabletop. The newspaper will polish your work surface. Mark the cut line using a metal ruler and a permanent marker. Draw a straight line to preserve accuracy.

Step Three 

You must use gloves to prevent your hands from getting cut when working with glass since it has a lot of sharp corners. Wear protective eyewear as the glass particles might cause eye harm.

Step Four

To cut glass, lubricate the area using glass cutting oil. Gently massage the oil over the area you wish to cut. If you don’t lubricate the glass beforehand, you can get an uneven, scratchy cut. If you don’t have glass cutting oil, use any oil. To score the mirror, trace the marker line with your cutting instrument. Then, firmly push the tool against the line to cut it.

Step Five

The next step is to score glass without a cutter. Just put a dowel beneath the mirror. The dowel snaps the mirror along the scored line. After the dowel is beneath the scored line, keep both hands on the mirror on top of the dowel. Then pressure the mirror until it breaks. The mirror will have uneven edges after being broken in half. Sandpaper is used to smooth the glass edges. This will dull the mirror edges.

Other Tools for Mirror Cutting

You need different tools when you work with the mirror. First, ensure a large soft workspace where glass or mirror will not damage. Such as large towels, mattresses, cotton-made cushions, bedsheets, sheets of newspaper, and so on. Here is a list of necessary tools for mirror cutting:

  • Protective goggles and gloves;
  • Vacuum and paper towels; 
  • Glass cleaner;
  • Straightedge ruler;
  • Dowel;
  • Wax crayon;
  • Mineral oil;
  • Fine-grit sandpaper.


Can I Use a Tile Saw to Cut Glass?

Yes, you can use the tile cutter to cut glass without shattering or chipping it. Glass tiles are more prone to breakage than ceramic or porcelain ones, so take your time while working with them.

Can You Cut a Mirror Without a Glass Cutter?

You can cut a mirror without a glass cutter. A Carbide scribe or a steel file instead can be a good alternative to a glass cutter. It’s true it’s difficult but you can manage it if you don’t have a glass cutter with you. 

Does Home Depot Cut Mirror Glass to Size?

Mirror glass is a very sensitive element. It can break easily for this reason workers take extra care. If you decide to cut home depot with a mirror then you should cancel your plan. You can not cut mirror glass with home depot. A glass cutter is the best option to cut mirror glass. Its price is lower than 10 dollars. 


Just in case you don’t have glass cutting equipment then alternative options can help you a lot. A tile saw is a good option to cut the mirror and glass. When you use a tile saw to cut a mirror for the first time you may not well result. But without worrying if you follow all instructions then hope you will get your desire cut easily. 

A glass cutter is not an expensive tool and it’s available everywhere. Even in the online store. So it is better to pick a glass cutter if you are not comfortable with options.

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