8 Best Screw Gun Reviews of 2021 with Buying Guide

Best Screw Gun Review

If you are looking for the best screw gun, today’s your lucky jackpot time. Yes, you have just landed on the right page, as we are going to review the top eight screw guns of 2021.

Any professional or homemaker woodworker knows the pain of screwing their furniture for tightening, positioning, or loosening for remodeling purposes. It often leads to a painful experience for your hands. However, the clever use of a screw gun can give you relief from such an unpleasant job.

These are light, compact, and powerful woodcutting tools. It meets all your professional screwing needs almost instantly.

Our Top Picks Best screw gun for 2021

So, we are here to present you the top eight screw guns, aka screwdrivers to make your woodworking mainly screwing jobs a brisk. The following buying guideline and answers to some commonly asked questions about the screw-guns will also act as an eye-opener for you.

Hence, let’s get to the point straightforward.

01. DEWALT DCF620D2 20V MAX XR Drywall Screw Gun Kit

Dewalt 20V Screw Gun
  • Its brushless motor protects unnecessary carbon build-up for consistent performance.
  • The 18 volts Li-ion battery packs a powerful punch.
  • The motor can generate up to 4,400 RPM and sufficient torque to accomplish any screwing task.
  • Push Drive Technology allows the screwdriver to work silently. 

Dewalt promises to deliver its best service and product line to the customers. Their promise is made into reality with this brilliantly built DCF620D2 20V MAX XR Drywall Screw Gun Kit. Many reviewers and customers on Amazon said that it is the best drywall screw gun available at present.

The excellent brushless motor of the screw gun helps it earn that prestigious tag of being the best. This motor is lightweight, energy-efficient, and promises consistent performance for an extended period. It also needs minimum maintenances and is most unlikely to phase out. So, why don’t you want to get such a fantastic brushless motor at work?

Since the Dewalt screw gun is a cordless model, you enjoy freedom at wok without worrying unnecessarily about the cords. Its LXT lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery with 18- volt is currently one of the best in the market that generates enough power to accomplish all screwing jobs.

The powerful motor generates strength between 0-4400 RPM for a lighting fast job accomplishment. It also features a Push Drive technology. So, you won’t have to bear the annoying and disturbing sound when screwing anymore. It operates like an assassin.

Furthermore, it is an excellent battery saver since the screw gun starts only when used with a fastener for optimal performance. Lastly, its ergonomically designed handle will keep you free from work fatigue, which is a brilliant innovation from Dewalt.

  • Cordless model
  • Energy efficient
  • Consistent performance
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Excludes carrying case

It's a brushless motor, and ergonomic design combines perfectly with the 33% power saver battery line to make it the king of the drywall screw gun.

Makita XSF03Z 18V LXT
  • The brushless motor generates immense torque with speed up to 4,400 RPM.
  • It can pierce through any surface with ease.
  • The Li-ion battery can screw up to 1,860 screws in a single session.
  • The Li-ion battery can screw up to 1,860 screws in a single session.

Corded screw gun, although it generates more power, often hinders free movement and, thus, limits your work significantly. Therefore, a cordless screwdriver like the Makita XSF03Z will bring versatility and freedom at the workplace.

If you do a lot of ceiling work and often reach out tighter corners, then, this cordless Makita screw gun is your ultimate choice. You won’t have to worry about stepping on the cord and tip down.

Apart from the cordless facility, this Makita screwdriver features a brushless motor that generates a massive 4,400 RPM speed with substantial torque. This means, with right screws and bit, you can use it to work on any surface that exists now.

Its 10 volts Li-ion battery lasts for 1,860 screws or around 90 minutes with a single charge. This makes it the owner of one of the most effective and long-lasting batteries in the market. On top of, the motor only starts when engaged with a fastener and ready to work. This single out the battery enhancement quite noticeably up to 50%.

Also, the brushless motor disallows carbon production that keeps the motor cool even after long uses. It also helps the engine deliver consistent performance for an extended period.

 With its ergonomically designed handle, fatigue and tiredness should be a history forever. So, work with freedom and energetically with this genius screwdriver from Makita.

  • Durable and robust motor.
  • Auto optimization facility.
  • Lightweight
  • Soft gripping handle
  • The nose piece is adjustable.
  • Not suitable for fat screws
  • Sometimes drill chunk comes off rather unexpectedly.

You won’t regret buying the Makita screwdriver if you work more with the drywall. With the right properties like motor and battery, it delivers exactly what you want.

Black+Decker Li2000
  • The 6Nm powered motor produces sufficient torque and RPM.
  • Three different hands position makes it a perfect choice for working in tight areas.
  • The battery lasts up to 18 months when not commissioned.
  • The two LEDs work brilliantly for optimized work conditions.

If you often work with tighter spaces, your best buy would be this rechargeable Black+Decker screwdriver. It works brilliantly in a small area with the quickness of your likings.

The motor loads a sufficient 6NM torque to accomplish most screwing jobs. Additionally, the engine is run by a 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery that has a long lifetime. It can hold the charge for up to 18 months when not at work. Also, it has around 100-minutes of run-down time in a single session.

The chuck features a quick-release option. It is both time and energy saving.  The best part about the screwdriver is that it supports both tightening and loosing of screws. With this screwdriver, you have the freedom to work anywhere between 135°-180°.

The screwdriver comes along two LED- the front LED is useful when you work in dark conditions while the bottom LED comes handy as an excellent flashlight.

Furthermore, you have the luxury to purchase an additional 42 bit set with a rechargeable screwdriver, which comes as a productive option. Lastly, the battery is easily rechargeable with a USB port.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Options to switch between the reverse and forward mode.
  • Spindle lock included
  • Includes a carry toolbox
  • Not suitable for large projects
  • Doesn’t generate massive torque

If you are a homeowner and loves to play with wood, this screwdriver will deliver your best working experience for sure.

Milwaukee 2866-20 Screw gun
  • Its 5.0 Ah Red-Lithium battery has the most extended runtime.
  • It can screw up to an insane number of 3,400 screws in a single session.
  • The tool weighs only 2.5 pounds, and so is portable.
  • The motor generates a massive 4,500 RPM torque.

Weighing only around a minimal 2.5 pounds, this Milwaukee screw gun one of the lightest in the market. So, you can enjoy maximum portability with this product.

It is a perfect blend of performance and satisfaction. You will instantly feel good as you take this screwdriver in hand. Such is the premium build quality of the power tool. Also, it has an easy and quick depth adjustment facility. So, you will get a precise depth at work.

The screw gun boasts of a 5 mAh battery that can be sued for tightening or loosing up to 3,400 screws in a single charge. This is insane given the fact that most screwdrivers can deliver up to 1800-2000 screwing per session.

So, it’s no surprise that its battery enjoys one of the most extended run-times in the market. What’s more, its lock-on button enables the tool to start only when engaged with Push on Technology that further saves battery drain.

Its motor is also a brushless one that generated a massive 0-4,500 RPM speed. With auto-start technology, it reduces the noise to a minimum level.

The only drawback of this brilliant drywall screw gun is its price.

  • Long runtime.
  • Portable
  • Auto on/off feature.
  • Depth adjustment
  • Expensive
  • The battery isn’t included in the package.

If you love performance over the expensiveness, this Milwaukee is your best buy option any day with its unbelievable battery.

Hitachi Drywall Screwdriver
  • It is a relatively good product at a lower price tag.
  • The 6.6 AMP motor generates 4,500 RPM.
  • It is designed for high-speed applications.
  • It performs well during overhead applications.

This Hitachi W6V4 drywall screwdriver is solidly built with a premium feel and overall stable balance. But what allured us more to include this brilliant piece of engineering into our list is its surprisingly low price. Despite having all the required facilities of the best cordless screw gun, this tool comes at a relatively low cost compared with the most common ones.

It’s strong 6.6 Amp motor generates a massive 4,500 RPM torque, which is more than you need for smooth and superior screw driving. Furthermore, its silent clutch may not be as extraordinary as the DEWALT DCF620D2, but it is quieter than most models. So, you won’t have to deal with the annoying noise any more.

The depth adjustment is a decent one that will deliver satisfactory performance in most of the cases. However, you shouldn’t expect something extravagant from a cheap priced tool like this one.

This power tool with 4,500 torque generation ability is ideal for screw applications that require high-speed. Lastly, its aluminum gearbox looks durable and gives a nice touch to the overall feeling about the product.

  • Powerful
  • Affordable
  • Silent clutch
  • Durable construction
  • Poor control
  • Problematic depth adjustment

Although this cheap tool may not be suitable for larger projects, it works brilliantly as a backup screwdriver for professionals.

Worx 4 Volt Lithium
  • The battery charge will last for 18 months at a stretch.
  • Expandable offset design enables the user to reach hard to reach areas with ease.
  • Features bottom and front LED for convenient work.
  • Rubber grip increases smoothness at work.

Worx has a reputation for delivering the most durable and premium products to its customers. This is effortlessly personified in their WORX 4 Volt Lithium Ion model. It’s 4 volts battery is an insane one that can hold the energy for 18 months once charged fully.

So, you can recharge and store it for months and then start working straightforwardly with the power tool; that’s as easy as you wish to get.

The screwdriver comes with an offset design. Hence, the screwdriver features an expandable screw rod. So, you can reach the unreached portions of your drywall at ease now. This makes the tool extremely versatile and user-friendly.

The model also features two LEDs in the front and bottom. The front LED helps you work under darker conditions. It is helpful while working with cabinets and closets. The bottom LED increases visibility with an adequately built flashlight.

Not to mention its rubber grip that enables comfortable and fun work time without tiring down quickly.

  • User-friendly
  • Auto expansion
  • Durable battery
  • Versatile tool
  • Doesn’t suit large projects
  • Insufficient torque speed.

This screw gun is a brilliant option to reach the tight corners without bending or harming your hand to expand forcefully.

Milwaukee Hex Screwdriver
  • The chunk features a quick-release option.
  • It has a sturdy 6Nm power generating motor.
  • The front LED is perfect for working at low or no light conditions.
  • It supports 135° and 180° positioning.

This Milwaukee screw gun has everything you want. It is robust, durable, and above all, a multi-purpose screwdriver at a pocket-friendly budget.

The semi-powerful motor generates up to 6Nm torque-speed to produce a substantial 5,00 RPM that will do most of your screwing jobs without difficulty. Don’t be a fool with the less RPM compared with the other products.

Its quick-release chunk overshadows the less productive power generation with brilliant working speed. The screwdriver also features a reversible facility. So, you can perform both tightening and loosening of screws with this screwdriver.

The Hex screwdriver supports two different positioning, 135°, and 180° respectively. Hence, you will get an advantage when working in tight corners and overhead applications. Additionally, you will get easy visibility in the tight darker turn, thanks to its front LED. And the bottom LED works as a flashlight.

The gripping is pretty smooth with rubber handle.

  • Smooth gripping.
  • Two LEDs.
  • Supports reversible operation
  • Relatively less expensive
  • The battery isn’t included with the package.

This screwdriver from Milwaukee is a fantastic innovation that eases out your workload of screwing. Its lightweight makes it portable also.

Dewalt Drywall Screw Gun
  • The steel of the gun is made from Helical-sheet with a heat-treated feature for an extended lifetime.
  • Metal tightening operation is made simple with its high-powered motor.
  • Its two fingers trigger, and rubber grip ensures comfortable work time.
  • Versa-clutch system for torque adjustment.

If you are searching earnestly for the best auto-feed drywall screw gun, then you have just hit the lucky jackpot. Thankfully, this Dewalt screw gun is beneficial in many ways; it's affordable and lightweight in one hand, and user-friendly and versatile on the other side.

The motor of this screwdriver is brushless and optimized heavily for fastening metal applications. This feature makes it the best screw gun for metal roofing. It is a massive advantage of this brilliant power tool.

The durable motor is further connected with an innovative Versa-clutch to adjust the torque-speed for even more optimized performance. The heat-treated steel made, and the helically shaped gun is built to last long.

The design is compact, and two-finger control provides smooth operation without tiring your fingers quickly. Moreover, the rubber grip is ergonomic that further adds to better control and easy user interface.

  • Durable product
  • Power-efficient
  • Budget-friendly
  • Powerful motor
  • Difficult user manual.
  • China made a tool.

This Dewalt power tool will make your metalworking or drywall job effortless with the high-powered motor.

Best Screw Gun Buying Guide: Things You Need to Consider

Screw guns are often confusingly amalgamated with the regular drill machines. It is because both of them, despite being two distinctive tools, share some standard features. To add to this confusing state, many terminologies of the screw-guns are distracting.

As a result, buyers often get confused among these terms and factors and end up emphasizing an element that is less important than the other. Hence, we are all geared up to deliver you a comprehensive buying guide on a screw gun so that you don’t make a mess out of it.

So, shall we start?

Motor Torque

The torque generation of a screw gun engine attributes to its power. The higher the torque is, the more powerful the motor will be. It means a higher-powered engine will deliver more rotation or twisting forces during operations.

It is represented in Nm, and ideally, a screwdriver should facilitate 4-7Nm for smooth operation.

Rotational Speed

RPM or rotations per minute describes the number of revolutions the screwdriver offers. It is also known as no-load speed sometimes. Ideally, screwdrivers should have variable RPM so that you can optimize the control and RPM speed to suit your work necessity.

As a standard rule, screw guns need to have RPM anywhere between 0-4500 RPMs with adjustment facility. Torque and RPM together determine the performance of the screw gun.

The best screw guns are those which have a variable RPM and torque for optimization and easy controlling.

Chuck Size and Release

Chuck size broadly refers to the diameter of the bit. Chuck size determines how large or small a bit you can use at your work. Larger chuck size is more preferable because it gives the users luxury to work with more variants of bits.

The chuck also should feature a quick-release option. This will fasten your screwing procedure significantly and reduce work time.

Reverse and Forward Modes

Although it may be a preeminent feature for the modern-day screw guns, some models may not offer you the luxury. But this is less likely to happen.

Yet, we recommend you to check that the screwdriver has both forward and reverse mode for tightening and loosing screws. It is a mush-have feature for multipurpose screwdrivers.

Handle Design

Since screwdrivers generate a substantial amount of power within a short space, it makes your hand prone to work fatigue. However, an ergonomic handle with a premium grip will protect you from quick tiredness.

This is even more important if you are going to use the screwdriver for an extended period in the large projects. The handle also should be durable.

Battery Life

It is another essential feature to look for while purchasing the proper screw gun for your work. You should focus on long-lasting battery life because it allows you to screw more nuts in a single session. It drains slowly, and so fastens your work.

Also, the battery should be capable of holding the charge for several months. For instance, most of our reviewed screw gun batteries hold up the charge for up to 18 months.

LED Light

LED lights are an excellent built-in facility for screwdrivers. This comes handy when working in darker conditions. The LED can also be used as a flashlight option to increase visibility during work time.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  • Are screw guns and drill the same thing?

Although screw guns are identical to the electric drills, these are a different type of power tool. Drills usually made holes into materials, whereas, a screw gun drives screws accurately and quickly into different materials.

The screwdriver comes with an automatic feeder that helps users to feed the screw easily into different materials. However, modern-day commercial screwdrivers can also be used as an alternative to drills.

  • I have brought a new screw gun. Can you please tell me how to use it effectively?

Screw guns vary a little depending on their uses and setup. Hence, it is admissible that you go through the user manual first before you start operating with your newly brought screw gun. Also, if you are using a cordless screw gun, make sure the battery is fully charged. Otherwise, your battery will soon be drained out, leaving you frustrated and numb.

And if you are using a corded screw gun, make sure that the power output is safe and working. And one final advice for you- always switches off the screwdriver before changing the bit to fit into your different work.

  • What is the necessary working process of a drywall screw gun?

The best auto feed drywall screw guns work like a drill. The chunk or nose of the screwdriver holds the bit securely. The screw is positioned to feed into the material. 

Auto fed screw guns feature the automatic attachment of feeder, which is handy for screwing effortlessly. Some other screwdrivers work using magnetic power. With depth adjustment facility, you can also pre-set the depth of screws for the material. It will allow you to work with freedom and consequently reduce your workload.

Our Recommendation

Let’s get frank on to this matter. All the eight screw guns reviewed here has the potential to be the best depending on their work type and condition. We have included these products, for they resonate with some fantastic features.

Since the list above isn’t arranged chronologically like best to worst or worst to best, we decided to give you our top picks.

Best overall 

DEWALT DCF620D2 20V MAX XR Drywall Screw Gun Kit is our best overall recommendation for you. This cordless screwdriver from Dewalt is solidly built for optimal performance and extended durability. The screw gun features an 18-volts Li-Ion battery, which is the king of run time at present in the market.

Also, the model features a motor that can generate a massive 4500 RPM with depth adjustment facility. All these make it our choice for the ‘best overall’ section.

What makes them best
  • Cordless application
  • Insane run time of the battery
  • A good quality brush-less motor
  • Smooth operation

Best value for money 

Initially, we had to go through a tough time to test our nervous strength as we opted to present you with the best value for a money screw gun. Only lately, we brought down our selection to two products.

So, this section is a tie between the Makita XSF03Z Brushless Cordless Drywall Screwdriver and Milwaukee 2866-20 M18 FUEL Drywall Screw Gun.

Both screwdrivers have unique features. Both are a quality product and runs with a battery. The cordless screw guns also have a rugged and durable motor that can generate up to 4500 RPMs. Both feature a premium-quality battery with auto on/off feature.

What makes them best-
  • Powerful motor
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Versatile working ability
  • Reasonable pricing


Woodworking or metal-cutting jobs should be brisk and fun.

Unfortunately, screwing wood, drywall, or metal often make you sweat like anything else. Thus, the work seems tiresome, and quality falls as a result.

In this case, a quality screw gun comes handy- it makes your screwing job lighting fast and effortless. We aspire that you remain energetic and agile at workstation also. Hence, we researched the market, tested the products on our own, read clients' reviews on Amazon to build up this review on the top eight screw guns at present.

So, you rest assured of the quality of each of the products. Nonetheless, any recommendation from your part will be highly appreciated.

I sign off today with a good luck wish for you. May your life become joyous with our recommended best power screw guns.