9 Best Drill Bit Sharpener Reviews of 2021 with Buying Guide

You have just taken the perfect shot of you and your spouse and instantly decided to frame it and hang it on your bedroom wall. As you are about to drill a hole through your bedroom wall, you find yourself struggling as the drill bit is not sharp enough to penetrate through it no matter how much force you put on it.

Only if you had a drill bit sharpener that would put yourself at ease. Whether your drilling activities are commercial or professional, having a drill sharpener around won’t cost you much. Rather it will increase the efficiency of your work.

Say goodbye to blunt drill bits as we are here with 9 of the best drill bit sharpener reviews to give you a sense of direction on picking the ideal one and avoid situations like the one above.

1. Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener

Drill doctor 750X

As a professional driller, you might possess various types of drills and keep them at bay whenever duty calls. To ensure your drills are performing at their maximum, you need a drill sharpener that can sharpen various types of drills at ease.

The 750X is one of the best drill doctor drill bit sharpener that you can get. Sharpen Tin-coated, masonry, cobalt and high-speed steel effortlessly with this drill bit sharpener. Designed for serious use, you will find this drill bit sharpener quite easy to use and keep the edge of your sharpener perfectly sharp all the time.

This drill offers greater durability with its custom point angle sharpening. You can tweak the angle settings from 115° to 140° with the point angle shuttle which is made of cast aluminum. This ultimately makes the penetrating process faster and you will find it easier to drill on to any kind of material.

While sharpening your drill bit, you have to ensure that you don't take off too much of the material of the pointy end. Drill Doctor 750X allows you to remove just the amount of material so that it stays intact as it just arrived out of the box. Ultimately increasing the durability of your drill bit.

If you are still not satisfied, Drill Doctor has got you covered with their 3-year warranty policy. You can ensure the protection of your investment on this drill bit sharpener even if it suffers any kind of defects due to craftsmanship or the design of the sharpener itself.


  • A diverse tool that can sharp any type of drill bit.
  • The device offers user-friendly operation even for a newbie.
  • The rugged cell of this sharpener ensures the power to use that you can rely on at any given time.
  • Highly durable and will efficiently sharpen your drill for a longer period.


  • The body is made of plastic.
  • Not effective for smaller drill bits.
Darex V390 Drill Sharpner

Do you often find yourself drilling through hard surface materials? Then you at some point might have thought about the durability of your drill bit and whether it can last for a longer period or not. Worry no more as DARX V390 is one of the best quality drill bit sharpener that you can get online.

This metal-cased sharpener can take on the toughest of the work environment like a champ.

This drill falls under the best budget drill bit sharpener as you won't get any better than a sharpener at this price point. As a small shop or business owner, you will find this drill quite affordable.

This sharpener has a split point feature that and can sharpen 35 to 50 drills per week giving you greater relief. You can even control which type of drilling style you prefer for your drill bit as this drill bit sharpener offers many.

DAREX V390 has a cutting tool diameter of 1/8" – 3/4" that can take on most of the drill bits that you might have under your possession. Why invest in many sharpeners when you can get this diverse tool and make your drilling job efficient.

This drill is equipped with Borazon Sharpening wheel which makes this drill sharpener compact yet sturdy. To give you a proper insight into what this sharpening wheel is capable of, let us enlighten you that borazon is one of the toughest known materials.

At 3450RPM this drill sharpener can give voltage ranging between 115V to 230V.


  • A solid body that ensures durability and greater performance.
  • The Borazon Sharpening Wheel will let you drill through the toughest of the surfaces.
  • Sharpening 35-50 drill bits weekly will come in handy.


  • Weighs close to 25 pounds and might feel heavy while working with it.
Drill DD500X Bit Sharpener

Drilling tasks might range from DIY's, hobby and even professional use. Whatever the hunt, Drill Doctor DD500X has got you covered. This drill sharpener is tough and perfect for frequent drill bit sharpening. Which makes this drill one of the best everyday drill bit sharpener for you to pick.

If you spend your time on the workshop working on various projects, you probably have separate drill bits for a variety of drilling activities. So while shopping for a drill sharpener, you need to get one that offers maximum diversity so that it can sharpen most of your drills.

You will be pleased to know that Drill Doctor DD500X can sharp drill bits to 118 or 135-degree point angles. Making it a great drill sharpener for workshop usage.

Talking about this drill sharpener’s durability, the body of this drill is made of cast aluminum point angle shuttle making it sturdy which adds to its durability. Sharpening Cobalt, High-Speed Steel, Carbide and Black Oxide won’t be that much big of a deal with this sharpener around.

While sharpening your drill bits, you need to ensure the pointy end fits perfectly and stays there to effectively carry out the task. Drill Doctor DD500X has longer chuck jaws that can hold bits precisely and eliminates the chance of jaw twisting. Requiring lesser effort to sharpen your drill bits effectively.

To get rid of the over-splitting problem, this drill is equipped with a "Push to Stop" feature. Now you can effectively sharpen your drill bits without taking-off too much of the material.


  • This drill sharpener can sharp almost all types of -drill bit.
  • It lives up to its price as it provides amazing performance.
  • Surpasses the 350x model in terms of build quality.
  • Can sharpen Tin-Coated steel, Cobalt bits, and masonry bits effortlessly.


  • Plastic made body.
Woodstock D4144 drill Sharner

The D4144 model of Woodstock drill sharpeners is by far the best everyday drill bit sharpener for workshop use. Add this drill sharpener to your shopping list among other workshop equipment if you find yourself drilling too often. This is one of the best budget drill bit sharpener that you can pick.-

The drill sharpener works manually and requires the separate grinding stone to be functional. The design of this sharpener is quite robust and can fit 1/8 to 3/4-inch bits accurately so that you can carry out the task effortlessly.

The best thing about this drill sharpener is that you can adjust the drill point angles whenever necessary. This will ensure effective sharpening while maintaining the durability of your drill.

You can even attach this drill sharpener next to your workbench grinder to keep it ready and carry out your sharpening necessities. The body of the sharpener is made of metal and adds up to its durability so that you can utilize the tool more and more.

The sharpener only weighs about 1.35 pounds and has a body dimension of 7.9 x 5.2 x 1.8 inches. The 8-inch wheel which is about is about 1 1/2 inch thick can effectively sharpen drill bits without breaking a sweat.


  • Grinding stone can be attached separately according to your preference.
  • A compact sharpener that can fit almost any workbench.
  • Has a lockdown feature for effectively sharpening your drill bits.
  • Can sharpen drills of 1/8 to 3/4inches.


  • Complicated to set the sharpener up.
  • Grinding needs to be attached separately.
Work Sharp Knife & Tool

Sharpening every knife of your collection like a pro is no longer unrealistic!  If you are looking forward to the sharpest blade you’ve ever had, you can’t go wrong with Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener!

Whether you are a professional or a weekend DYI enthusiast, this sharpener can turn out a favorite piece for you because of its ease of usage, professional result, and consistency.

Coming with premium abrasive grit belts that can be replaced with ease, this sharpener well capably meets all your sharpening needs. These belts, namely Coarse (P80), Medium (P220) and Fine (6000), ensure that the blade steel doesn't burn or damage blade during sharpening.

Precision sharpening guides included in the kit aid in frustration-free, speedy, repeatable and consistent results. The blades are sharpened by Kitchen Knife to a 40° angle while Outdoor Knife Guide sharpens them to a 50° angle.

 This sharpener is pretty versatile in the sense that it could be used in a diverse range of tools used in the bladed shop, lawn, and garden. These tools include-    Shovels, Mower Blades, Shears, Shovels, Garden Pruners, and the likes. Besides,    it also makes the perfect detail grinder that can be carried by hands.

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener are engineered and manufactured in North America which makes it a ready choice for professionals and hobbyists to have around. Furthermore, a 1-year warranty is also available for North Americans.


  • Sharpens every knife with great speed and ease; delivers consistent and repeatable results
  • Includes Abrasive Grit Belts which can be replaced with minimal effort
  • Offer great versatility by sharpening a wide range of tools
  • Ensures a 1 –Year warranty for North Americans.


  • The sandpaper doesn't contain support behind it
  • It does not sharpen knives evenly due to the design.
DD350X Drill Bit Sharpener

With more than 2 million units of Drill Doctors sold, you have been probably aware of this sharpening system before. As the name implies, this product is nothing short of a doctor that treats your drill bits great efficiency.

This Drill Bit Sharpener is an apt choice for shops that are into using regular bit styles. The new user-friendly design has a front-loading chuck tagged with simple alignment and sharpening systems. 

Well suitable for use with wood and light metals, it can easily sharpen 3/32" to 1/2" standard twist bits with 118 degrees. High-speed steel, masonry, carbide, and tin-coated bits can also be sharpened with its super dexterity.

The sharpener comes with PROFESSIONAL DESIGN & CONSTRUCTED to be long-lasting. It features an industrial-strength sharpening wheel made of diamond which is not prone to changing shape after a long period of use. A cool design is also integrated with the system so bits don't get heated and lose their tempering while sharpening.

Two easy steps for installation relieves you from the needing any kind of aligning ports which can complicate the sharpening process.

For setup, you simply need to secure the bit & let the chuck turned an even number of half turns to derive a perfect 118° angle. The bit is precisely placed by the V-block which ensures that you don't have to be concerned about jaw twisting, even when you are making use of small bits.

Furthermore, a 3 Year Warranty offered by Drill Doctor makes for optimum protection against defects or flaws due to workmanship or design.


  • Features Sharp Tools for Performing better
  • Easy and safe for use
  • Two easy steps make sure that bits are sharp and effective.
  • Professional design ensures durability.


  • Some components coming with this sharpener don’t last as long as as others do.
  • May not carve out adequate sharp points for some of the wood bits
Mxbaoheng MR 13A Drill

The unique feature that makes this grinder a perfect fit for any kind of steel and steel materials is that it is not only accurate but also very rapid in its operation. The significant advantage of this grinder is that it is not only very easy to use but also does not require any expertise to operate.

The product is equipped with diamond wheels that can grind any steel surface with ease. It also provides a very good angle of accuracy while performing any work along with a great service life for the customers to extract enough benefits out of it. 

The motor used in the product is very powerful which is controlled by electricity. The features that the motor provides the customer with are a stability of the frequency of the motor, horsepower strong enough to withhold the workability and ensure longer life of the product.

The machine has a central point size which can be adjusted on-demand to get the best size and proportion of drill out of it. This central point also helps the machine adjust with the rotation speed of the motor.


  • It provides accuracy, quickness and easy operation with no skills needed.
  • It offers a longer service life.
  • It has good functionality to control the speed and accuracy of the machine.


  • It has a gigantic size.
Water Cooled Tool Sharpening

Getting a complete and extraordinary water-cooled sharpening system which works perfectly on wood chisels, plane irons, spokeshaves, as well as carving tools, Lathe Turning Tools, all kinds of Knives, Axes and most edge tools, is not a hard deal anymore!

Water Cooled Tool Sharpening System is available with accessories to help you to get a better edge for blades better than the factory in no time.

You can accustom yourself with the user manual that comes with the tool to get a good understanding and thus achieve a maximum sharpening result that is no match with other products in its price range.

More to that, you can educate yourself with a video tutorial to get a better idea about how to get a good sharpening of a metal or an object.

It includes technology with which it can achieve the required Rotation per minute that brings out results like lowering the temperature of any steel very rapidly. Also, the overheating issue has been taken into account while making the product to fulfill customers' requirements.

This brand provides its customers with a complete warranty package which includes a whopping 7 years of the warranty period which is more than enough for a product to completely fulfill its requirement in the field of its potential.

Above everything, it is an imported product which is produced in SWEDEN- a country with special expertise in these types of products.


  • It comes with a system that is water-cooled and works on almost any metal and object.
  • Accessories are provided to give it an edge over other products on quickness and efficiency.
  • Overheating issue is taken care of with companies advanced technological expertise.
  • It comes with a very long-lasting life which is a bonus.


  • A lack of a proper support system behind the sandpaper is evident.
Tru Grind Turning Tool

Tru-Grind Turning Tool Sharpener is one of the best tools that are presently available in the business. This top-class sharpener has very handy features including easy to use capability. The accuracy of the machine is commendable and the compact size of it makes it possible to place it at any given surface.

Tru-Grind provides the consumer with a smoother-looking finish which feels good and can feel like an art which will be appreciated by all the individual. The especially wooden finish is extraordinary when it is applied.

A repetitive number of times can be set to get an exact amount of sharpening on-demand correctly and efficiently is a very good feature. The versatility of this product beyond the expectation of general consumers.

The product comes with a security policy that includes a money-back option and works as a guarantee for the product that customers purchase. 30 days money-back guarantee is an additional value that customers deem very promising and good for the product's future which is a risk-free investment and can be availed at any time.

This product comes with a video guide and tutorial provided with it to make customers well aware of the use of the product and can be a good help for those who don't have any idea on how to operate the machine.

Anyone can avail video tutorial of this product form YouTube.

The machine supports many tools that support 1-1/2" of tools that can operate and perform the sharpening very smoothly on any surface especially wood.


  • The product is very handy and easy for everyone to use.
  • It provides you with a smoother-looking finish which even needs no sanding.
  • The accuracy of the product is beyond doubt because it provides you with the exact size of bevel every time and can be set to get the required number of sharpening.


  • The product doesn't have a proper support system which is evident while using the product.

Buying Guide

If your business involves drilling work on a regular basis, it would be a good idea to invest in a drilling machine as well as a drill bit sharpener. Working with a perfectly sharpened one will get you a feeling of working with a new drill machine whereby every bit can pass through the surfaces with minimal effort. When opting for a drill bit sharpener, you can take the following factors into your consideration.


You will find various types of drill bits available in the market. While buying one, it would be a good idea to ensure that the sharpener is capable of supporting the drill bits in your possession.

In general, multiple categories of drill bits can be worked up with a drill bit and hence, it can cater to majority types of the drill bits you are holding. You can also assess the measurements that concern the gauges of the drill bits over varied ranges.


You may want to take a careful look at the construction of the drill bit sharpener as that is what that defines what level of comfort you can derive from  sharpening. Furthermore, it will also determine the important safety factors. A number of risks may rise while you are sharpening the drill bits even when you are giving your utmost attention while dealing with them.

So, you’ve gotta make sure the construction of the drill bit sharpener is in such manner that all such risks are kept at bay and the sharpening task turns out as effortless as possible. In fact, it’s the specific construction that effectively determines your required compactness and easy storing.

Speed and Accuracy

Different sharpeners can come up with different speed and accuracy. You should meticulously check what speed and accuracy they offer as the ones with high speed and great accuracy will always represent it as a badge of honor for you. Besides, the speed has to be smooth and consistent as it tends to go down in few sharpeners as you go on.

You would want to take minimal steps for sharpening. Generally, two steps are good to go but there are times when three steps generate a better quality result. The more control you can exercise on the level of precision, the better will be the outcome.


Aside from these, the particular materials used in the sharpener determine the durability of the product. If you do not want to face frequent halts during sharpening, you must make sure heavy-duty materials have been used in the making. The material also significantly determines the dissipation level of heat and the vibration degree.

Angle Range

What's more, the range of angles of the sharpening is very crucial for the accuracy and quality sharpening you are desiring. You must check the fact that the sharpener is well suited for sharpening the drill bit material at your disposal. While some of them are meant to be used for steel, others support materials like cobalt and tin as well. Also, it should not require a lot of maintenance which may cause extra hassle.

Final Verdict

Out of all these amazing drill sharpeners, our favorite pick is the Drill Doctor DD500X Drill Bit Sharpener. This sharpener is the jack of all trades that can take on commercial use as well as professional ones like a champ.

The toughness of the sharpener adds up to the effectivity of it as it can be used frequently without sacrificing the overall quality of the drill bit. Where else would you find a perfect everyday drill bit sharpener at this price point?
Go ahead and grab one ASAP.

However, the choice is completely up to you, we hope our review on the best drill bit sharpener is effective to give you a sense of direction on picking up the right one that suits you best.

Now you be the judge and pick one that you will find comfortable to work with.