Top 10 Best Drill Presses of 2021: A Complete Review

Best Drill Presses

Whether you are a woodcutter or a plumber, you should know the real importance of proper drilling. It requires precision and patience to achieve such excellent accuracy. However, there's a tool that helps you to achieve the ultimate accuracy. Yes, I am talking about the drill presser.

We understand the necessity of a multi-purpose, versatile drill machine to help you get the brute power and delicacy in woodworking tasks. Hence, we came up with this article on the ten best drill presses of 2021. If you are unsure about which one is ideal for you, this article will guide you through the pathway.

Our picks 10 Best Drill Presses List for 2021

The article covers in-depth reviews of the best drillers, and a short buying guide to help you know which factors to focus on while purchasing. Lastly, we will be revealing our recommendation for you.

1. WEN 4208 8 inches 5-Speed Drill Press

WEN 4208 Drill Press
  • The ball bearings of the robust induction are responsible for extended durability.
  • JT33 spindle taper features ½ inches chuck that adds maximum versatility.
  • Vises and clamp mounting are possible due to the slotted table.
  • The bevel angle for the worktable is 45°.

This one is undoubtedly Wen’s best value for money products in the market. This is a compact and straightforward tool. Thus, it is ideal for bringing in job sites and occasional projects. The drill press is available under a hundred bucks, so there’s no bargain over the pricing.  It perfectly meets up the necessity of a home driller.

Although it is not meant to withstand large projects, it serves the utility of being a perfect driller in most cases. It is compact and fits in your workbench. The brute power is capable of drilling through wood, metals, and plastics also.

The machine is constructed using an iron cast for a rugged frame enabling extended durability and performance. The gauge with depth adjustments enables the drill press to set a limitation on the spindle travel. It helps workers to get the optimal accuracy. What’s more, you can set the spindle speed at five various operational levels- 740, 1100, 1530, 2100, 3140 RPM.

The durable and powerful induction motor with 1/3HP delivers optimum and balanced performance with the attached ball bearings even at the highest speed. This driller is one of the best benchtop drill pressesdue to its iron cast base that you can mount on the benchtop comfortably. This will prevent wobbling and walking during operations.

Lastly, the key storage is a unique advantage that allows you to keep your necessary keys always by your side. With a price tag under 100$, there’s nothing more you can expect.


  • Sturdy cast iron base.
  • Five adjustable speed.
  • Various drilling options
  • Pre-drill holes for benchtop mounting.


  • Not ideal for commercial projects.
  • Limited HP.


If you are a homemaker and loves making different home furniture, the 4208 8 inches 5-Speed Drill Press is meant for you.

JET 354170 Drill Press
  • The worktable has a quick releasing clamp;
  • The drill press is rotatable ata 45-degree angle.
  • Spindle guard is made safe with the latest telescoping technology.
  • It has a quick adjustment of the ½-inched depth external depth stop that has three nuts for locking.

The JET 354170-floor drill press is an excellent match for both homemakers and professionals alike. It is a miraculous drill machine that combines versatility, durability, and benchmark performance. The drill press offers more spindle speed variations than any other tools of its class with a range anywhere between 150-4,200 RPM.

Investing in the drill press is worthy since the tool offers all the essential features for a stable performance. We rest assure you do not get indulged with its on-spot functioning and smooth operation. The 1.5 HP motor is powerful enough to provide optimum torque to accomplish different drilling tasks comfortably.

The traveling table has a smooth run and can be both lowered and raised with the natural turn of the crank. This is extremely important to achieve the expected accuracy when drilling. Moreover, the 45° rotatable worktable, angled drilling, is made easy.  The quick releasing clamp adds comfort to the drilling work. 

With such amazing features offered readily, this is another best bench drill press. This tool comes in a prewired 115-voltage working ability, but it supports 23—volts also. The belt and pulley cover are constructed with hinged metal. It combines with the quick adjustment for spindle speeds to shift rapidly.


  • An excellent worktable
  • Incredibly stable
  • Comfortable height adjustment facility
  • More features at an economical pricing


  • Repositioning of the belts for spindle speed control.


This Jet model is an excellent work unit and a monster at accomplishing different projects. I loved the drill press and am highly recommending it to you also. It is the best buy option for your drilling projects.

DEWALT Magnetic DrillPress
  • Two variable speed limitations at 300 and 450 RPM.
  • The coolant bottle can be placed on the work surface or either side of the drill tool.
  • The chuck systems are quickly interchangeable.
  • The drill travel supports 4-3/8-inches depth to accomplish heavy-duty projects.

Did you notice something unusual? Or am I being over-smart? How come I forget to include the topper in the class of best drill press for woodworking, the DeWalt. Please, let me correct my mistake. Here, I introduce the DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press to all the woodwork and drilling lovers.

The 10 AMP motor equipped with two variable speed settings is just the perfect tool for satisfactory performance. It also will make your work easy. What's more, to your awe, the two-speed variation can accomplish a wide range of job s such as DIY projects, metal drilling, and of course, woodworking.

The machine features an excellent ‘Sudden Voltage Overflow Protection’ to safeguard it against voltage overflow, power outages. The protection also includes safety for the additional accessories included with the DeWalt package.

The ¾ -inched Weldon Shank and 1/2 -inches Keyed Shank are interchangeable to omplete dfferent applications. The quick-release button adds easiness to the shifting cause.

Seemingly, the case with the most drill press that you need to stop and start again to allow the machine to cool off from time to time. This is particularly boring during large projects. The DWE1622K drill machine eliminates such boredom with its unique magnetic cooling tank. It is filled with cooling oil to keep the drill press cool even after running for hours. 


  • It operates for long working hours.
  • Drills deep holes.
  • Drills deep holes.
  • It has a protective case.


  • Limited speed variation.
  • Monotonous chunk shifting application.


If you want an awesome drill press under a grand price tag, this will best fit your essentiality. Loads power and unique coolant- what else do you want?

  • The LED display for speed has a digital readout system.
  • It has a spacious and stable work table.
  • A work light enables you to work under dim conditions.
  • An infinite range of RPM is more than handy.

Wen 4214, with its fantastic look, powerful torque, and multiple application, got to make its grand entry when it comes to the best drill press table in 2019. That’s the kind of impact it has on the market and woodworkers alike.

This is the bigbrother and a slightly higher-end tool of your top favorite Wen 4208 drill press. Consequently, it is also the best budget drill press on our list with optimum performance and longevity. You can do a lot of jobs with the sturdy 2/3 HP motor. It means business when it comes to drilling holes into wood, plastic, and metal sheet. It goes beyond these regular tasks with its wood polishing feature. 

The drill machine has infinite variability for speed with a range of 580-3,200 RPM. The mechanical delivery of the speed variation ensures even distribution of the torque. The best part about it is that you can read out the speed on its LED screen.

The 3-1/8-inches spindle travel offers repeatable and accurate depth stop. So, you can perform some DIY projects at your home with pretty easiness. The 9-1/2 x 9-1/2" worktable comes along a cast iron base. Furthermore, it has height adjustment through a rack and pinion system. It has a tilting facility up to 45° on both sides.

Now that adds great comfort with some pretty interesting angles to work on during your drilling projects. Lastly, I must mention the laser locking with an X-pattern. It both spares your time and expensive materials.


  • Torque distribution is even.
  • A big boost of power.
  • It features an effective mounting for clamps and vises.


  • We don't recommend it for big commercial projects.


Coming at an affordable price, it is an excellent drill press for homemakers. It will give you optimum comfort and easiness at the workstation.

Delta Laser Drillpress
  • There’s an LED lamp to illuminate the workstation.
  • The crosshair laser marking is adjustable and accurately marks the drilling point.
  • 0-90 degrees bevel on either side; 048 tilting forward facility.
  • The over-sized table ensures optimal stability and performance.

I almost started to regret it since I found that my list has omitted Delta somehow till now. But, pat my back buddies as I bring the best machine in the drilling in the form of Delta 18-900L Laser Drill Press. It comes with a powerful motor to give you power-packed performance. While speed changes are effortless, thanks to its auto-tensioning system for belt-drive.

This babe is a slim drilling tool and hence, leaves your workstation with ample spaces to accommodate other woodworking tools. This is a mid-range drill press that will spare a lot of bucks in your pocket. However, it never means that you will have to compromise in any performance and feature sectors.

The built quality is fantastic with a cast iron rugged base. Yes, sir, it offers the best work base even at a budget-friendly price tag. I bet you will forget for how many years the beast is going to serve you with the business it means- drilling woods, making holes through the most robust plastics and metals. 

Your days of purchasing various drilling tools to get access to a variety of sped variables will be officially over, thanks to the Delta made babe. The device offers 16 variable speed operations ranging from 170-3,000 RPM. It's ridiculously fantastic.

The auto-tensioning system of belt drives ensures safe, quick, and comfortable speed changes during projects with maximum transmission efficiency. It perfectly matches all industrial applications and deep drilling due to its 6-inches quill stroke.

Op top of it, the ‘Depth Scale’ allows woodworkers t to measure the holes. A bright laser crosshair is placed cleverly that helps you achieve accuracy. The crosshair is visible even in the most glowing light. That's fantastic!


  • Sixteen variable speed options.
  • Multi-purpose drilling beast.
  • Deep drilling facility.
  • Ideal for industrial projects.


  • Slightly overpriced


It will be a handy tool for your woodworking task to perform industrial-scale projects at ease. The somewhat pricey drill press won't leave you scopes to regret. 

SKIL 3320-01 DrillPress
  • The work surface is made a square to accommodate large pieces of wood and metals.
  • Beveling is possible up to 45° on either side to maximize the user range.
  • There are two 2X laser beams for accurate and consistent drilling.
  • There is a Bump off switch for additional safety causes.

For a variety of reasons, I like this cute little Skil 3320-01 drill press. Firstly, it easily fitsin a medium-sized workstation, thanks to its compact design. On top of it, the stable and rugged construction accommodates all essential tools quite well.

The cast iron base construction may not look like a luxurious one, but it does well to hold the tool for an extended lifespan. The chuck and spindle assembling are easy and convenient. I didn't face any difficulty in assembling them. 

The keyed chuck with 1/2 -inches is capable of taking most drill bits without a fuss. Thankfully, it lets you make round or square drills effortlessly. You can also polish metals and wood with it. What's more, the Skill drill press offers five various speed adjustments ranging from 570 RPM to 3,050 RPM. This enables you to perform the wood drilling comfortably. In fact, it is, at present, one of the best woodworking drill pressesthat you will find in the market. However, with speed as low as 570RPM, drilling through metals without producing substantial heat will be challenging.

The drill press is equipped with two lasers to guide the spindles for optimal accuracy in drilling projects. Additionally, the ‘in-depth Adjustment’ allows you to drill the same spot repeatedly with preciseness. That’s excellent!

Oh, one more thing! Did I forget to mention that you can tilt the table in both left and right for up to 45°? This is suitable for fine-tuning the drilled holes.


  • Five alternatives for variable speed.
  • 10-inches swing is sufficient to go through maximum materials for a deep drill.
  • It offers a worktable light for dim conditions.


  • The corded electric drill press has a limited reach.


It doesn’t have any fancy things. But it is the ideal alternatives for homeowners who like to indulge in some sorts of woodworking jobs during their weekends.

Evolution Power Magnetic Drill
  • It roughly weighs only 38 pounds, so transportation is quite easy.
  • The Evo mag comes in a fully assembled condition.
  • There's built-in facilitation for the coolant system with a reservoir and lubricant supply.
  • It is an ideal drill press alternative for the entry-level jobs at a medium price range.
  • The package includes step drills and both mini and annular cutters.

These days most buildings are constructed with heavy-duty steels frames, which are extraordinarily weighty and thick like trunks. So, they don't fit in the regular drill press worksurface. That's where the necessity of a magnetic drill felt the most.

The Evolution Power Tools Magnetic Drill fits in this hole with perfection. At first, its small size may look deceptive, but it is a power-packed magnetic drill press. With 1000 W and 570 RPM, it is a highly-productive and ideal drilling tool for heavy-duty industrial projects. It is a perfect match for I-beams, frameworks, and bridges. The powerful magnetic adhesion is accurate and durable. The 570 RPM may not look like the beast, but it readily covers up the limitation with a budget-friendly price.

But you shouldn’t worry since the drill press is competent enough to drill through the thickest beams at ease.  The magnet base with a 50 x 80 x 165-mm volume provides a magnetic force equivalent to 2860 pounds per foot. It is sufficient to keep the drill glued to the metal surface, negating the least chances of dropping.  

The 6-inches stroke means you can drill half-footed steel at ease. However, it offers only 2-6 inches piercing so that you may require to invest additionally for more in-depth drillings. It is an entry-level magnetic press with a cutting capacity of 7/16 to 1/8 inches. It's not, of course, the widest, but it serves metalworkers' purpose quite effectively.


  • Industrial use is possible
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy interference for the control panel
  • Moderate pricing


  • Not suitable for large projects.


If you are in search of the best drill press for metal with the magnet, this one is the most suitable alternative for you. You won’t regret our recommendation.

Shop Fox W1668 Drill
  • A 90-degrees of beveling facility on either side of the table.
  • It runs in a voltage as low as 110V.
  • Thirteen inches swing deep support drilling without any difficulty.
  • The in-built dust collection port allows woodworkers to collect all dust and debris successfully for a clean workplace.

Imagine a drill press is also performing phenomenally well as a sander. It seems impossible, right? Surprisingly, Shop Fox matched these two of the essential woodworking features together. And that too within a favorable price range. Hence, the overpowering drilling and accurate sanding capacity make it a worthy alternative for your investment.

The best part about the drill press is that you can tilt it on both the left and right side with a beveling up to 90-degrees. This enables artisans to perform a wide range of applications. The workstation is adjustable and, thereby, flexible enough to accommodate work height necessary for the workpiece. There is also an option for drilling at different angles.

The drill press is capable of performing incredible contour sanding. When it comes to accuracy, it topples the best oscillating sanders by a double margin. That’s impressive!

The drilling capacity facilitates ¾ inches drilling so that you can accomplish the most difficult tasks without much of a toughness. On top of these fantastic features, it has the brute strength of ¾ HP, variable spindle speed ranging from 250 RPM to 3,050 RPM.

The table swings in a 360° angle and allows you to take it away. Therefore, you have the liberty to use the base for sanding and drilling table. Not to stop here, the Shop Fox has added a clearance hole right in the center of the workplace. So, you can use the tunnel as a speck of dust collecting port. It keeps the workplace free of dust and ensures a healthy work environment.


  • A rare combination of sanding and drilling facilities.
  • The 12- speed variables are fun to use.
  • Drilling thin metals are also possible.
  • It has a longer lifespan.


  • The high-price tag is an issue for most of the woodworkers.


The drill press is worth significant investment, for it supports impressive contour sanding also. Give it a try.

Shopseries RK7033 drillpress
  • The drill press facilitates rack and pinion height adjusting capacity.
  • Repeated drilling operations is made possible with top-notch accuracy.
  • The X-patterned laser belongs to the II 1mW laser class.
  • There is an onboard working light for dim conditions.

This is our third straight inclusion of drill press from the Wen, and it's for no ordinary reason. The five variable speeds - 600, 1100, 1700, 2400, and 3100 RPM enables artisans to target their required speed fixing to achieve the optimum accuracy.

The iron cast-built work base is rugged and stable that withstands erosion for years. The induction motor is not only a powerful bot also features ball bearings. These ball bearings help the drilling machine to get an extended lifetime. And, let's not forget its balanced and smooth operation at the workplace.

The JT-33 spindle taper with ½ inches of chuck brings versatility at your hand. Multi-purpose bits let you perform a wide range of drilling jobs. Therefore, this is the best inexpensive drill press thatfeatures a unique laser lock system. It is X-patterned and highlights the drilling point. So, you don’t have to guess the position and waste your valuable time.

You also have the luxury to perform the tricky drilling operations, thanks to its 45 degrees tilting bevel on both the left and right sides. It enables you to get your expected accuracy.

Lastly, the induction motor with power-packed 3.2 AMP offers all the features you are searching for long now. That’s incredible!

The spindle travels anywhere between 2-inches to ½ inches that is easy to read. Moreover, there is a linear locking stoppage system. Hence, you can repeat the drilling on the same spot with the accuracy level you want.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lasered accuracy
  • Rugged construction for durability
  • Five variable speeds.


  • Not meant for commercial and industrial operations.


It is the best 10 inch drill press that you will find under a tight budget. Nevertheless, it doesn’t compromise with performance and features.

Wen 4210 Drill Press
  • Five different speed variations.
  • 3.2 AMP motor is reliable and powerful enough to pierce through most materials.
  • The worktable is adjustable up to 45-degree bevel.
  • It is an affordable power tool.

Wen is providing some of the top-notch -power tools acclaimed by users and experts alike. This 4210 Drill Press with Laser is another stunning product from the famous production line. It is a feature-packed power tool that surprisingly comes in an affordable price range.

Its’ premium facilities will surely make you glad to include this drill press at your home or shop. Its 3.2 AMP motor is powerful enough to drill through most materials- wood, plastic, and metals. Furthermore, a 2/3 power induction motor lets you enjoy five different spindle speeds.

The spindle speed ranges from 600 RPM to 3,100 RPM, which is an excellent addition to your drilling options. What I liked most about the drill press is its incredible depth control. The depth adjustment enables you to control the spindle speed as correctly as you would like to accomplish your drilling task most precisely.

Furthermore, the depth adjustment gauge will help you to measure the depth of shapes like slots, grooves, and step. It also increases the smoothness of your work. Another feature that I liked about the Wen 4210 is its 45-degrees adjustable worktable. You can adjust it both on the left and right sides to drilling at different angles.

The 45-degrees bevel also helps woodworkers to work in a comfortable position. This increases their performance. The machine is the best 10inch drill press with the 1—inch swing. Additionally, the 1-1/2 inches thick stroke delivers top-quality drilling up to 10 inches diameter to any material.

Lastly, the cast iron base construction is sturdy enough to add optimal durability to 4210 Drill Press that lasts for an extended period.


  • Durable
  • Reliable motor
  • Budget-friendly


  • Questionable precision


This is going to be an excellent addition to your DIY home woodworking jobs. The budget is undoubtedly within your limit, and the features it offers, undoubtedly, are premium. This is thus a highly recommended product for homeowners and small woodworking shops.

How To Choose The Best Drill Press: A Detailed Buying Guide

The drill press is a unique edition of the woodworking world with some pretty good features. Especially if you regularly work with sturdy wood and stronger materials like metal and plastic, the appropriate choice of a drill press becomes even more critical.

The selection of your drill press is responsible for the success or failure of your projects. Besides, it also contributes to your efficiency at work and how quickly you can complete your projects. There are some vital elements to consider when purchasing a drill machine to help you increase work proficiency and accuracy.

Model Type

 In general, there are two types of drill press models available in the market. These are-

  • Floor model
  • Benchtop model

A floor type model drill press is ideal for handling large scale projects. This type has an extensive spectrum that accomplishes any drilling task more accurately. However, the accuracy comes considerably at the cost of larger space and expensive price tags.

On the contrary, the benchtop model is cost affordable and requires much lesser space than the floor touch models. Hence, most woodworkers prefer the model for small to medium projects. Unfortunately, the model isn’t as precise as the floor top model, but that’s negligible since the inaccuracy isn’t very prominent.


The power of the drill press is critical. The strength determines how quickly and effectively your tool will complete its job. Moreover, power is essential to create bigger holes through thick and rugged materials like metals and plastics.

If you regularly work with hardened metals like iron and steel, the power is even more critical. Less powered drill press won’t be able to pierce through sturdy metals. Moreover, powerful drillers are less stressed during their operations. So, your work gets smoother and comfortable.

Table Quality and Adjustability

The worktable is adjustable both left and right sides. It is dependable on the user preference, and the adjustability makes any drilling task more convenient and comfortable. Most worktables are adjustable up to 45-degrees while some expensive drill press has a 90-degree beveling table to suit your comfort zone.

The table models are available in a wide range of designs and sizes.

Weight of The Drill Press 

The drill press weight is particularly important for two main reasons- portability and stability. Weighty tables are stable and vibrate less than the less-weighty tables. Thus, you may experience a smooth drilling operation. However, weighty tables are hardly portable.

So, if you want a portable table and your drilling job leads you across places, a benchtop table with less weight will best fit your preference. This is the best bet for professional workers as these models are easily transportable. However, you will have to compromise slightly with the stability and deal with the vibration at work.

Speed Adjustment

These days most drill press spindles come along various speed variables. The less pricy models may have lesser options for variable speed, but the tools with high prices are going to allow workers to use up to 5 to 10 even 12-speed variations at times.

Slow speed is good at drilling through sturdy metals such as plastic, iron, and steels. On the other hand, if you like to dig through wood with precision, a speedier variable will be ideal.

Price and Service Warranty

Price is an issue that you can never ignore to buy a drill press. If you are a homemaker and use the drill press occasionally, it would be best if you purchased a mid-range drill press. However, if you are a professional and often indulge in commercial and industrial works, do invest your money on an expensive drill. These come along with more features.

Drill presses are mostly heavy-duty power tools and require frequent servicing. Hence, look for the manufacturer that provides a more extended warranty period.

Benchtop Vs. Floor Drill Press

While you are going to purchase a drill press to complete different tasks, the most crucial factor that you need to consider is the decider between the benchtop and floor-based drill press. It is a burning issue that you should solve at the beginning.

Floor based drill presses are, in general, more stable and more preferable for the woodworking shops. They often require a bigger space for setup and is ideal for handling larger workpieces. On the contrary, most substantial benchtop drill presses are an extended module of the floor-based drill press. The benchtop model often comes with storage underneath it to save your floor spaces. However, the speed changing on the benchtop is difficult due to the pulley system instead of easy knobs. The most pleasant thing about the benchtop models is its budget-friendly price tag. Hence, these are more preferred by the homeowners.

The best floor drill press has a significant rise when it comes to price. But considering the workload they can take; the investment is worth it. Moreover, they will be more durable. I once heard from a top woodworker that it’s worth investing some extra bucks on the floor models than to regret in the future. Such is the effectiveness of the floor models.

But, there’s a little twist. All of our benchtop models picked in the list are comprehensible and are as efficient as any floor models. So, you can opt for these without further consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do flood-based drill presses cost too much?

No, not at all. Depending on the model type, the difference between the price of a benchtop and a floor-based model varies from 40$ to 150$. Considering the features available, this isn’t a huge difference.

  • Is it necessary to wear any protective equipment when working with the drill press?

Yes, we strongly recommend you to wear protective equipment when working with the drill press. It will ensure your safety. At least wear a CSA certified protective goggles to safeguard your eyes from flying particles.

  • My drill press gets hot too quickly; what can I do?

This mainly happens if you end up overrun your drill press. Since the benchtop drill press is lighter, it tends to get overheated quickly. You should give the drill press rest from time to time so that it may cool off. Otherwise, you may alternatively use coolant lubricates to keep continuing your work without any interruptions.

Our Recommendation
The drill press is one of the essential woodworking power tools. We do realize its significance in your job. Hence, we have selected the ten best drill press of 2019 to ease off your buying process. Yet, a lot of people would look for our recommendations also. That’s why I am going to reveal my personal choice, but it doesn’t imply that I have any apathy for the other products. All the ten drill presses in our list are complete within itself. Still, I had to go for two drill presses due to their fantastic features and cost-affordable facility.

So, here is my pick-

Best Value for Money Drill Press

WEN 4208 8 inches 5-Speed Drill Press is the proud winner in this category. With a price range of fewer than 100 dollars, this is arguably the best cheap drill press on our list. The best part about the driller is that despite offering a competitive price, it doesn’t compromise with any essential features. It has crucial additional storage and a 6.5 by 6.5 measured worktable.  You are going to love the drill press.

Premium Choice

Our expert team went through a lot of discussions and finally agreed to place Shop Fox W1668 ¾-HP Drill Press in our list of premium categories. It is a rare combination of the sander and drills presser. So, you will get a dual facility with the benchtop model. What’s more, the worktable is adjustable up to 90° bevel. So, you will enjoy the utmost freedom at work

This is also the most expensive drill press on our list, but that’s pretty much understandable. Combing a sander tool with a drill press needs some investment. We guarantee that you won’t regret investing in this impressive drill press.


Selecting the best drill press isn’t an easy task. It requires a considerable amount of thinking on different factors such as price, durability, performance, and after-sales warranty service. In this busy world, general people can't check all products.

Hence, we have undergone substantial research on the drill presses and have jotted down the ten best drill presses of 2021 for your convenience. We will be glad to hear from you about our selection. AS we wrap up here, we hope both professional, and homeowner woodworkers will be exceedingly facilitated from our article.

Remember that all of our enlisted drill press is unique and covers a wide range of working essentiality. So, you need not worry about their performance. We bet our bank deposits on it.