Best Cloning Machines For 2021 [Latest Expert Review]

Best Cloning Machines

In the life of a gardener, cloning is a blessing, but there is an “if”. Yes, if you have done it in the right manner, you’ll get great outcomes. However, if you failed to do that, it is not less than a curse.

So, what is the key to success behind it? Well, the answer is knowledge with the appropriate machine. It is easy to see why the cloning machine is perfect for cloning purposes since it comforts and pleases plants just the way you desire.

You are too busy to find the best one among them? No problem, to make your job easier, I added 8 best cloning machine review with a detailed buying guide and some basic FAQ. Let’s check them out.

Top 8 Best Cloning Machines

Hydrofarm CK64060 Jump Start Heat Mat is the best cloning device on this list. It comes with 72 sites for you to fill and mat with proper temperature. However, other than that, all the included machine is uniquely combined with proper features. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

1 . Hydrofarm CK64060 Jump Start Heat Mat

Hydrofarm CK64060 jump

Out there, Hydrofarm is known as a leading brand that provides hydroponics equipment and high-intensity grow lights. For decades, they prove their reputation by providing premium quality components.

When you are craving for the best cloning machines for growers, get your hands on Hydrofarm CK64060. It's time for you to jump start as the name states since this warm mat is great for veteran growers, kids, and novices.

It has an amazing ability to produce 10°F–20°F above room temperature which can work impressively to improve germination and rooting.

Fortunately, the heat mat is waterproof so that it can facilitate you with faster rooting without any need for overheating plants. Holding proper temperature on the root, it confirms a strong rooting strategy. So, you can rest assured that you will get a healthy and long life of your plants.

Before you are tiring yourself from searching instructions with the machine here and there, know that the body of the mat itself has instructions and growing tips imprinted on the body.

Overheating is always bad when it's about giving a warm heat to the plants and this machine knows it well. It utilizes limited power of 17 watts so that it doesn't harm plants anyway.

It can hold up to 72 cells inside at a time, with its 11” x 22” watertight base tray. Due to its 7.5” humidity dome, it creates enough space to accommodate bigger plants. In fact, there are no worries of crumpling plats up while inserting. The built-in patented vents allow you to maintain as much or as little humidity as you can.

The quality performance of the machine comes from its easy use with growing media and plugs for the coalited system setup. Moreover, this excellent mat is also UL-listed.


  • It can hold up to 72 cells inside at a time, with its 11” x 22” watertight base tray.
  • Due to its 7.5” humidity dome, it creates enough space to accommodate bigger plants.
  • It utilizes limited power of 17 watts so that it doesn't harm plants anyway.
  • The body of the mat itself has instructions and growing tips imprinted on the body.


  • Lid material is not up-to-date.

The first time when you look at Clone King 36, you can notice that it has 36 cells to hold your plants inside with a colorful reservoir.

In order to get healthy plants with a great start, it comes with everything you need including a lid, spray manifold with misters, submersible pump, and finally inserts. The only thing that you have to arrange is light.

With the aim of maximum coverage, the device provides 13 spray heads. To make your concern easy, the appliance comes with detailed instructions.

By following them, you can easily get a perfectly consistent outcome and can use them as your desires. Only about 30 minutes of assembly, you are ready to go with the machine.

The plants in the machine are promised to inhale constant oxygenated aeroponic mist through mid-air. This is why their growth is faster since they are always covered with nutrition. Whether you are a novice or experienced, you can feel comfortable with the machine. They are capable to start showing you result in 10-14 days and after that, they are ready to move into other places.

Watching roots coming out from the plant's sprout is simply amazing when you have the best plant cloning machines. Temperature is the thing that is most significant when it’s about using a cloning machine.

This device gains a great temperature managing ability producing heat around 80-degrees. It makes sure to keep your water reservoir cool, between 70 and 75 degrees. Just insert your favorite plants into the machine and rest assured that it gets the most comfortable places.


  • Covered with nutrition throughout the process.
  • It keeps the water reservoir cool, between 70 and 75 degrees.
  • The device provides 13 spray heads with the aim of maximum coverage.
  • The machine has 36 cells to hold plants inside with a colorful reservoir.


  • The cloner makes temperature hot out of the room.
Turboklone T24D Cloning system

The feature that makes TurboKlone T24D Cloning System’s performance best cloning machines for growers from the others is its fan system. The flow of the oxygen to the growing chamber remains always constant thanks to the fan system and the air circulation system easily resists the high temperature from the unit.

clone For a growing plant, it becomes tougher in a dry environment. People get frustrated by a half-grown plants dying rate in these areas. It is a wonderful choice as a cloning machine for the people who live in a drier region. The inclusion of humidity dome has offered longer life for the cuttings by making them safer from drying out.

You’ll have to remember perfectly where the cuttings for replication are placed because, with the 24 sites, you are easily capable of planting different plants at a time. The increased site numbers are 60% more than the others of the same sized cloning machines.

The mechanism also fits comfortably which keeps the unit from swinging loosely along with the messy, tangling cords that you won’t find on the other products from the marketplace. TurboKlone’s entry to the marketplace has also made a competitive impact on cloning product’s durability and resilience.

The product is safer from any interaction from any external or internal sources. The round and sleek design and curved walls made its strength greater. And also, the design itself has complemented the cleaning flexibility with simplicity.


  • The manual Included is easy to follow.
  • A 90% initial success rate.
  • Manufactures with the promise of durability and resistance.
  • The machine is very easy to use all you need to de is follow the instructions.
  • The humidity section fights with the drier environment giving a mind-blowing result.
  • Quicker response in plant roots.


  • The product is more expensive than the similar-sized product, but the durability factor is far greater in the case of this product.
  • There is no on/off switch in TurboKlone.
Hydrofarm OX20SYS oxyCLONE 20 Site

The Hydrofarm OX20SYS oxyCLONE is the best hydroponic cloning machine you can find to plant indoors. The model is compatible with different types of cuttings at a time which gives you the advantage of gardening the whole year.

If you do not have too many spaces to spare in your garden then don’t worry about it anymore. The height of the cloning machine is only six inches, so the 20 sites holder is taking very little space. The machine gets power from active aqua’s premium and Air pumping. There is also BPA free water used in the machine.

The reservoir gets constant air turbulence from the submersible pump. At the same time, the circular 4 air diffuser enables the pump to send millions of air bubbles to the developing roots of the plants.

One of the most dangerous damage that a cloning machine has is the leaking problem. People tend to purchase normal plastic boxes instead of the cloning machine after being exposed to such problems several times. The BPA-free food-grade plastic ensures no leaking and clogging of water, unlike the other cloning machines.

The single-outer aqua air pump services constant airflow. No matter the amount of oxygenation, the retained heat will be minimized with the evaporative cooling system.

A plant that requires continuous watch over is on its own. The air and water maintenance of the product is so perfect that no human intervention is needed after the setup.

One of the world’s oldest wholesalers Hydrofarm maintains its quality of service by holding the plants strongly but firmly living up to its reputation as the leading manufacturer of hydroponics equipment. People around the world are comfortable about Hydrofarm’s brand name.


  • The product provides a very good result. Plant's life durability has enhanced in many cases.
  • You will get the best hydroponic experience. Different plants do not get mix up with each other.
  • Food grade BPA free plastic. No clogging and leaking model.
  • 4Uses premium quality components in every sector of manufacturing.


  • There is some inconsistency in cloning sites.
  • The plastic is thinner than usual.
Plant Cloning & Propagating Machine

The PowerGrow Systems Deluxe 21 Site Bucket Cloner is the best plant cloning machine and is a bucket system gardening device. The bucket appearance is what makes it more appealing to the eyes. One of the main features of gardening is to look good and the product's interior design will surely enhance the beauty of your home.

You can easily cover 21 sites in this bucket and all of them will be covered with aero phonic spray nozzles. The plants this way won’t attach in any way. You’ll be very happy to know that this bucket will have blossomed in different colors because you can site different plants at the same time.

The product is FDA approved and can easily contain a 3.5-gallon reservoir. The FDA approval means they have been promised to be safe from food and plant contract from anything else. This is not something you get in every cloning machine.

Many people are used to hydroponic and aero phonic ways of planting, Hydroponic, and aero phonic both technologies can be used in this particular model. It takes a little amount of time to do the clippings of your plants. You can do your job faster than any other previous model you experienced.

All the machine flaws can be described in two words that are “Sanction Pump”. The pump sanction quality has been updated in the model to 160 gallons per hour. This means no more worry about water and airflow. It increases the plaints lifetime duration.

The instruction manual has no tough jobs to be performed so, you will find it easy to follow. The Rootech Cloning Gel inclusion has made the product more favorable for the customers towards a purchase. The use of the gel is also described thoroughly in the user manual.


  • The reservoir bucket contains 3.5-gallon capacity.
  • The model is considered heavy duty and is praised for its durability.
  • Root cloning gel is included in the package.
  • The pricing for this heavy-duty product is quite customer-friendly.
  • Versatile planting of different plants in a single cloning machine.


  • The bucket lid is vulnerable and slips off sometimes.
  • Use of too much space.
EZ Clone Classic 16 Slop

EZ clone has introduced the new small cloner model with the 16 sites inclusion. The height has been reduced to a minimal level so that more machines can fit in less space. It had sold to become the number one seller inside America. It has also increased its capability on integrity by reservoir and lids structural change.

The collar extraction is a very hasty job and people search comfort in such work. The model enables the job to be done in a faster manner by introducing four-way finger slots.

The protection from UV light is a genuine concern among the customers. Many plants get affected by it. The HDPE plastic is UV protected decreasing the concerns here. The plastic is also manufactured to provide the durability of the cloning machine.

Many people are beginners in planting and need more instruction than others. For them, the lids have multiple instructions formed directly by alphanumeric symbols in the plastic to identify the number of stains needed in the cuttings.

A single leak in the machine can unbalance the overall plant's life duration. If there is a leak in your product then it’s more vulnerable ten a plastic jar. The drainage gutter and an extended flange have been increased the height of the reservoir which is contributing to the leak-proof design.

The Aeroponic Misting Technology that is used in bigger cloning machines can be easily performed by this model and many varieties of the plant can be planted at a single time. The smaller area does not come in the way of planting them.

The aeroponic technologies that are used in larger cloners are also used in the model making it perfect for planting multiple plants in a smaller space. Something you won’t find in any other smaller cloner.

The draining design of the product has gone through 75 improvements previously in other models. You will not find any other machine comparing with EZ Clone Classic not in draining quality neither in the price comparison.


  • The durability of the plastic is improved. UV protected plastic is introduced.
  • Takes up a very smaller space.
  • Using a very small area of your home to plant varieties of plants.
  • The extra-ordinary draining system is provided.
  • Best for the beginners.


  • A minimum number of sites can be planted.
Turboklone T96 klone machine

TurboKlone T96 is one of the top cloning machines of the year. The product gives you 60% more capacity (96 cuttings at a time) than the products of similar size and the durability has been upgraded using more solid materials. The cleaning system is much easier than before in this model because of the round-shaped design of the edges.

Days of the manual input of water and air supply are long gone. The submersible pumping system has lessened your workload by continuously providing the spray waters to the cuttings. The water supply prevents the overheating problem and saves the plants from drying out.

The curvy and rounded-edged design makes sure you get more durability from the product. The usual corner edge products tend to get disgusting slime hanging around and root-killing bacteria which has no place in this new design. It also helps to mitigate the root damages. The cleaning experience will be more pleasant here.

Many people think that a humidity dome has no use for them and it is taking too much of a space. TurboKlone T96 wants to provide the best experience using less space but at the same time, TurboKlone T96 cares for them who want a humidity dome. So, the best solution is to introduce a separate humidity dome that you can purchase and attach to the machine.

IF you are trying to find the best solution of growing plants without using any growing materials like soil then the TurboKlone T96 is the one for you. It’s very much understandable that you live in a city area and are not exposed to soil and other stuff. Dot worry TurboKlone T96 will live up to your expectations.


  • More capacity is provided in a smaller area.
  • The build quality of the product promises durability.
  • The curved design is aiding the health of the plant.
  • The manual is so easy that a beginner can follow it.
  • 96 sites can be adjusted at a time.


  • The fan system has some flaws.
  • Not suitable for hydroponic technologies.
Aeroponic plant cloner

The 8-site system utilizes a 2-gallon bucket in order to control algae or plague growth. Since it comes with a larger bucket, your plants can get a big space to germinate well.

The machine tends to like the colder climates and maintains its temperature around 70F to 75F degrees.

The bucket is strong enough to deal with heavyweights. It is crafted with strong and solid durable plastic so that it never causes any cracks or leaks. What’s more, is the lid it comes with is capable to stop the growth of algae.

You can rest assured that it will provide you great service as it is highly-rated. It gets simple and easy instructions with full details to make you understand the process clearly. Within 30 minutes, you can assemble it and ready to go.

So, whether you are an expert or not, you can complete your project easily and rapidly without any effort. An amazing fact is, the machine is environment-friendly and 100% organic that needs no chemicals or hormones.

It is great for personal use or a small job since it can handle 8 saplings at once. You can nourish them as it satisfies you like your own way.

It includes eight 2” neoprene inserts to provide safety to the plants. They are also reusable up to 5 cycles. It means you can use them for 10 weeks.

It can prove itself by providing healthy plants in only 6-10 days. However, the result may vary on the type of plants. You can simply call it the best aeroponic cloning machine for the plant. 


  • It can control algae or plague growth.
  • The eight 2” neoprene is attached to provide safety to the plants.
  • The roots come out only on 6-10 days.
  • Environment-friendly and 100% organic.


  • The pump is not that durable to last for long.

Things to Consider before Buying a Cloning Machine

Since your aims are growing your baby plants faster than usual, it may seem complicated. At the same time, it is easy-peasy when you have a top cleaning machine in your additions. To be honest, it takes minimum to zero effort to show the best results. The complete procedure is self-dependent. Just place the plants and watch it grow until the roots come out, that’s it. The process focuses on temperature, bucket size, cloning system and maintenance with other kits. Therefore, it’s important to consider them when you are out for purchasing the best one. Let’s check them out in detail manner.

Cloning System

There are two procedures to nurture your plants through the cloning system, aeroponic and hydroponic.


The Aeroponic method works by turning the nutrients into an oxygenated solution under the water. Then the solution out of it is sprinkled at the roots so they can easily consume the solvent. This enables them growing sooner since they are constantly receiving a sufficient amount of nutrients that it requires for outstanding growth.

Apart from that, the process is clean and has no risk of establishing any bacteria or fungal habitats. However, when it's about maintenance, It’s easy with aeroponic cloner rather than hydroponic cloner. So, looking at the maintaining fact, you can go for this process to get easy solutions.


This process needs a reservoir with entirely fulfilled water to start the process. This water has nutrients to help your plants grow efficiently. It utilizes a pump inside this reservoir to ensure that clean and fresh water always while your roots are improving.

Compared to aeroponic, this process is harder and has a greater risk of developing algae, bacteria, and fungus developing over the water surface.

Size and Space of Sites

It is important to place your plants without any squirming space to get rid of drowning in the water. The particular size is the cells that hold the plant. This size of them determines how big plant seedling you can place inside them. So, before buying, check how much distance the cells have between them otherwise your plants may crumple for the pressure made by another plant.

Bucket Size

It is easy to understand that a bigger bucket means more space to grow more plants. Besides, they are able to comfort and please plants easily. On the other hand, a small bucket can create transplant complications.

Also, the big size bucket gets more depth. It means they can keep the root healthy by improving and enhancing their development. So, if you don't want your plant’s root to accustomed to a small place, consider a big bucket before buying. Remember that uncomfortable plants can even die for exhausted spaces.

Expandable Kit

Choosing a cloning machine with an expandable kit is simply a smart move. It may cost you some more penny, but worth it.


More maintenance means wasting more time and energy. So, try to choose the one that has maintained the machine with reservoirs that are easy to reach and easy to clean. Ensure that they are also strong enough to deal with heavy materials and not easy to crack or leak.

Ease of Use

Choose the machine which has detailed instruction. It will make your user experience easy and comfortable. Some, cloning device has imprinted instructions in its body. You can choose them for ease of use.


How much time does it take for clones to root in EZ Cloner?

It may take 20 days for clones to root in EZ Cloner.

When is the right time to cut from clones?

When it’s time for cutting clones, look for the healthy and sturdy plants with at least two months of the vegetative cycle.

After how many weeks do I need to change out the reservoir during one cloning cycle?

If everything goes in a proper manner, you can use the reserved water more than 4-6 weeks

Final Words

Whether you are a DIYers or professional gardeners, to get a developed garden, you need a good cloning machine. They have the ability to grow your plant faster and can match the climate of your place. Every machine I mentioned above on the list of best cloning machines worth your money.