How to get the best chainsaw mill – Secrets revealed 

best chainsaw mill

Using the best chainsaw mill reduces efforts in preparing lumbers. In fact, turning the mill logs into lumbers is hefty, indeed. And it takes a team to perform the job. Usually, we use the best portable chainsaw mill to make lumbers that we employ for many purposes like for construction or for making furniture and more. Besides, the best portable chainsaw mill has many other benefits.

When it is about selecting the best chainsaw for alaskan mill, you may get puzzled. Hundreds of brands are around with their distinctive features. At times, this is tough indeed to set the needs and accordingly get the best chain for chainsaw mill.

Considering this ground, I have selected eleven best alaskan chainsaw mill for your convenience. The explanations below will help you get the right product for you.

Product selection process 

The products are the reflection of feedbacks and ratings I could gather from different quarters. In fact, I am a DIY user of the best chainsaw for alaskan saw mill. And I have made several furniture for my home. Thereby, I have some basic ideas about the facts and figures of the best chainsaw mill saw.

During the reviewing process of I also checked the online rating of the products to get a comprehensive idea. It helped me to know better about the product features. Finally, I had talks with some experts who frequently use the best saw for chainsaw mill.

Therefore, this review is enriched with all the necessary information that an ordinary buyer needs. Let’s start diving into the discussions.

Note: I have separated the article into two parts. The beginning is about the product reviews, while the remaining is some expert opinions about purchasing the best inexpensive chainsaw mill.

Part 1: The Product Reviews  

Granberg chainsaw Mill

Granberg MK-IV Alaskan Chainsaw Mill occupies the top position on the list for its versatile applications. This brand has a reputation in the market for durable products and attractive designs. Besides, many of the experts have a positive attitude about the performance of this best chainsaw lumber mill.

You can carry the saw with you anywhere you need because of its lightweight feature. It clamps onto the chainsaw easily. Most of the cases, then it needs to drill before setting up the mill. But you will not need any such additional measures. The clamp is perfect for to hold it firmly.

Speedy cutting is the other feature of this product. No matter how dense the log is, you can quickly bring out the lumber with this chainsaw. And you can also do the job even in your backyard. The mill can make slab up to 20 inches thick 

The billet-end brackets are the other addition to this saw. They are accurate. You will face no adjustment issues with the brackets while the vibration level is lower too. As a result, the finishing of the lumber becomes smooth and even.  


  •  Aluminum and steel construction
  • Heavy-duty performance to cut planks and beams
  • Portable and lightweight
  •  Accurate CNC brackets
  • Ripping chain for extra performance
  •  Comes with a complete set


  • Assembly is a bit tiresome
  • No other visible cons available
Haddon Lumbermaker

Haddon Lumbermaker is on the second position of the list for several reasons. Besides, the user review of the product is also standard. The other most vital issue the smooth operation while slicing the wood. Most of the cases, the users are struggling to turn the logs into boards. Placing the chainsaw is the most challenging task. But the lumbermaker makes it simple.

Besides, the device holds down the chainsaw perfectly to cut through the wood. As a result, you get the optimum finishing. Many of the experts claimed that they had to hold the saw firmly to the wood, and it was a stressful job. But applying the device, they can quickly bring out the lumbers from large wood logs. 

Durability is another crucial aspect of this product. Being made with stainless steel, the wood-cutting tool can perform different types of jobs. You can also assemble it with any suitable rail. Once you attach the product with a guide rail, it can function correctly.


  •    Made with stainless steel for durability
  •  Lifetime warranty
  •  Can cut thicker logs
  •  Easy assembly with clamp
  • Adjustable bracket for additional support
  • Can make any size lumber


  • Clamp assembly needs preparations
  • Lightweight device, may not fit everywhere
Granberg chainsaw Mill G777

I have placed this chainsaw mill attachment in the third position. It comes with certain benefits and features. Many of the reviews admired the comfortable adjustment and assembly feature. Moreover, the price range is also smart and affordable. So, if you are a DIYer, you can also avail of it.

The other exciting factor is that you can set the attachment with even a smaller chainsaw as well. Most of the mill attachment requires a larger saw. However, there would not be any such issues here. You can get back your investment within a short time. 

The attachment also requires no drilling at all, while the scenario is the opposite for the other ordinary mills. The mill can cut a diameter up to 17 inches (in maximum) while the minimum diameter is around five inches. Further, it can cross through a thickness of approximately 13 inches.

Another interesting information is that the brand has been operational for over 50 years. This is hard indeed to run a business for a long time. Unless the products are durable and up to the mark, you cannot expect to sustain this tenure. 


  • Easily portable
  • Turns logs into lumber speedily
  • Wallet-friendly product
  • Operates with a gas chainsaw
  •   Engages more power to complete the lumbering
  • Compact size and lightweight


  • Customer service is unavailable
  • The design needs an improvement
Carmyra protable chainsaw

Our fourth product is from Carmyra. This is an exceptional brand and meets all the necessities of lumbering. The product is most suitable for DIYers. It can provide a smooth performance with almost no noise and vibration. In fact, noise and vibration are the most irritating element while lumbering.

On the other part, the body construction is from steel and aluminum. So, you can expect better longevity of the product than the others. Due to the construction, you can use the attachment to any type of surface. The product is also applicable in harsh surfaces to get a smooth finishing of the lumbers. 

The chainsaw mill can also provide around 36 inches of beams from various types of woods. Many of the DIYers have admired the mill as they were benefitted in their small-scale home projects. The calibrated bar ensures the right thickness of your lumber. You can also adjust the thickness checking the measurement.

I have found it easier to assemble. It does not need any modifications to install on the guard rail. Usually, drilling is a common feature to hold the mill tight on the place. But you are free of such troubles. 


  •  Easy to use
  •  Calibrations to measure lumber thickness
  • Can cut larger pieces
  • Cuts up to 36-inch width
  •  Less weight
  • Fits any size of chainsaw


  • Calibration may not be perfect always
  • The bar might be misaligned
Zchoutrade portable chainsaw mill

It was a bit of trouble for us to select the fifth product. A large number of products and hundreds of features puzzled me, literally. Later, I considered the durability and power of the mill. Based on the criteria, I discovered that this Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw Mill fits in the box. Hence, I picked it.

Moreover, the body of the product comes from aluminum and steel. So, cutting a wide range of logs is not a problem at all. Furthermore, the mill is durable and holds the chainsaw with great care. As a direct consequence, you can get a smooth finishing with a moderate range of width and height.

Attachment of the mill with a chainsaw is not a big deal. You will need no drilling or any additional assistance for the attachment. Interestingly, the mill can cut wood planks into pieces and can perform on the most robust wood as well.

The manufacturer has also added instruction with the product for smooth installation and working. So, you can use the guide if you feel any sort of confusion. I admire this initiative as the mainstream mill manufacturers do not have such provisions. 


  • Fits with a various chainsaw bar
  •  Aluminum and steel construction
  • Great craftsmanship in design
  •  Can process multiple trees and wood
  •  Suitable for professionals and DIYers
  • Versatile application


  •  Assembly may appear difficult
  • Not wide enough

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Review resumes. 

Alaskan Mark Chainsaw Mill

In this stage, the challenges appeared more intensely during the product selection. The sixth product should come with some exceptional features. In terms of performance, this mill is standard with some positive reviews as well from end-level users. Moreover, the product has some similarities with that one of Granberg that I reviewed earlier.  

The other feature that allured me is the heavy-duty performance. It can cut wood planks and beams accurately. The maximum depth is around 13 inches, while the width is 20 inches. The depth and width are sufficient for home use and other DIY applications. You can start the milling over instantly right after cutting a tree.

Portability is the other feature that I liked most about this product. You can carry the mill at any workstation you want. It is lightweight, and the outlook is attractive as well.

The CNC brackets also help to make the cutting process stable. It creates less vibration. So, you feel a complete sense of comfort while working with this mill. 


  •  Fits any types of chainsaws
  • Can cut large lumbers
  • Precise and durable construction
  • Easy bar attachment with the chainsaw
  • Can trim various kinds of trees
  • Quick chain adjustment


  • The price is higher
  • You need to assemble
Hihydro Portable chinsaw

I have selected this HiHydro Portable Chainsaw mill for its extraordinary durability. The product comes from aircraft aluminum – which is the prominent feature. Besides, it can cut the beams smoothly. No matter if the surface is hard or harsh. It can go through the wood very smoothly.

Besides, the highest thickness is 13 inches in width, while the width is 36 inches. They are tremendous, indeed! The aluminum rails are also well finished. Consequently, you will have the perfect shape. Portability is another admiring feature for this product. If you need to cut a tree on the position where it fell, you can use the mill.

The price of the product is also reasonable. In fact, you will not get so many features in this price range. This is a lightweight product and durable. It is not prone to rust and fits most of the ordinary chainsaw chains.     

Many of the manufacturers do not provide safety cover for the mills. But you will get an acrylic safety cover. The cover will prevent entering debris inside the machine during the wood cutting process.


  •    Made with aircraft aluminum
  • Acrylic safety cover
  • Cuts trees with large diameter
  • Speedy operation
  • Durable aluminum rail
  • Bar depth is up to 48 inches


  •  Thickness is not always perfect
  • Cannot cut over 14 inches
Vbenlem chainsaw mill

VBENLEM Chainsaw Mill is my eighth selection. This is a beautiful mill with lots of advantages. Most importantly, it has a high number of reviews from the user-end. Moreover, portability has made milling never been easier than before. The manufacturer is also producing the mills for a long time and dominating the market with pride.

Specification of the product is also remarkable. The body of this product comes from aluminum and stainless steel. So, the longevity of the product has increased to a great extent. Moreover, you can use the tool for various types of wood cutting regardless of their models and sizes.

Use of industrial raw materials brings a magnificent look. Most of the users are in love with the outlook and sleek design of the product. Portability is another advantage that you will enjoy. You can use the mill in the woods or at the backyard of your home. Thereby, it will bring promptness in the lumbering process.

Adjustment of the height and weight is another issue that needs focus here. You can easily adjust the mill on the rail. Cleaning the surface or calibrating the device is simple too. The accurate brackets will ensure a flat cut on the wood surface. 


  • Easy assembly and adjustment
  • Calibration for the exact thickness
  •  Portable to anywhere
  • Lightweight design
  •  Suits various needs
  • Price is reasonable


  • Needs manual improvement from a user
  • The clamp is not drilled
Imony chainsaw mill

Imony chainsaw mill is the ninth in the position and comes with some certain advantages for your lumbering needs. First of all, I admired the construction of the product. It has an aluminum and stainless steel construction. Thereby, it usually lasts longer than other contemporary products available in the market.

At the same time, the mill is light in terms of weight. Oftentimes, carrying the product becomes a hard job to perform. Bringing the log in the workshop is not always possible. You have to make lumbers in the tree cutting zone. In such cases, this product will provide sufficient support.

During the discussion with some of the experts, they opined that not all the mills could fit in a tough job. But this one is an exception. It can cut various types of wood smoothly and speedily. The support that it provides to the best chainsaw for milling slabs is excellent. It is possible for the durable construction and sturdy parts of the mill.

Corrosion resistance is the other feature that you will admire, too, as I did. The mainstream mills are prone to corrosion. In opposite, this particular product is free of such issues. So, it would be an excellent buy for your lumbering needs.


  • Easy transformation
  • Made with durable materials
  • Chrome-polished finishing
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Height and width adjustment
  •  Cuts various types of wood


  • No visible cons available for this flawless produc
TTF chainsaw Mill

This portable chainsaw mill attachment chainsaw is a wonder for its extraordinary advantages. Portability is the key feature of this product. You can carry the mill any of your working space. Moreover, being portable, this is a lightweight mill. Thereby, you are getting several other advantages as well. 

Setting up a mill is another irritating issues. You may need to make drills, adjust screws with wrench or screwdriver, set the height and width, and many more. But you will have no such issues here. The assembly of the mill is more natural and takes less time too. 

It can also cut wide pieces. The largest lumber piece that it can cut is 36 inches in width. Simultaneously, you need no worries about security. The log and chainsaw will remain in a safe distance. 


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Speedy and secured lumbering
  • Cuts up to 36 inches of width
  • Aluminum and steel construction
  • Fits various types of users
  • Height and width adjustment 


  • Welds are not durable
  • Trouble in the initial assembly
Popsport Chainsaw mill

We are in the last part of the product review, and Popsport Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling is our last and eleventh product. It has several positive reviews alongside numerous attractive advantages.

The manufacturer has combined aluminum and galvanized steel in the body of the mill. So, this is exceptionally durable. Attachment of the new brackets has added more flexibility in the mill. You will get the exact measurement of height and width. Besides, the vibration is less, which means you will have a perfect finishing of the lumber.

It can also hold chainsaws with bars around 36 inches. At times, you need to get additional hardware for the installation of the mill in the chainsaw. But you will have all the necessary hardware and items to set it with your chainsaw. 


  • Simple installation
  • Comes with all accessories
  • Aluminum and galvanized steel construction
  • Fits different needs
  • Cutting thickness is around 13 inches
  • Can run heavy-duty operation


  • No hole drill
  • No lock-washer

Part two begins …

How to buy the best chainsaw mill? 

To have the best portable chainsaw mill, you need to follow specific strategies. In my DIY career and after talking with experts, I have seen several inconsistencies. Most of the people are unable to pick the best chainsaw for alaskan mill. They are to experience some negative experiences in the long run for their initial mistakes.

So, experts recommend getting the best chain for chainsaw mill following specific methods. Based on their recommendations and from my personal experience, I have compiled a short guideline. It would help those who are looking for the best alaskan chainsaw mill.

Here the guidelines are.


You can get different sizes of the best inexpensive chainsaw mill. They may fit your pocket. But if the weight is more, you cannot carry them to your needs. Portability is a tremendous issue to consider. At times, you may need to cut the tree in a remote location to get some lumbers. But if the best chainsaw lumber mill is not portable, you have to face trouble.

Thus, you have to check the portability. Generally, the features will explain the advantages and portability. To remove your confusion, you can ask the seller or contact the manufacturer to get some definite ideas about the portability issue.

Versatile application 

Remember, the stihl chainsaw mill is not for a single job. It can provide several supports to the users at a time. It can cut the trees, bring out the lumber, chop the woods, and many more. Adjustment of height and width is the other option that you must consider.

If all the features are not available in the mill, that is not a versatile one. You need to seek something else.

Materials you will cut

At the same time, you need to consider what types of materials you are planning to cut. This is a common issue that not every mill will fit your needs. There are specific designs, capacities, and specifications of every best chainsaw for milling slabs. If you apply the wrong product for your needs, you cannot expect a better output.

Experts, thus, recommend deciding what types of wood or materials you will cut. If you cut harsh wood, then the mill specification would not be the same as you do for the soft timber. Besides, the commercial mills have far better skills than the ones for the DIYers. Hence, it is wise to know your needs and get the right product. 


Besides, you must know the maintenance process of the best chainsaw mill saw. It will help to reduce the time to look after the mill. If the construction comes with durable materials, the mill needs less maintenance. Thereby, you should check about the issue too.

Many of the experts have recommended getting the products that come with stainless steel construction. Those products need less maintenance, and you can spend the time on some other quality tasks.

Availability of accessories 

At times, you may need to add or remove accessories from the mill. Make sure the accessories are available with the mill. You may need to make a drill and attach screws. Many of the end-level users have opined that the screws are not up to the mark. Even they could not find the right accessory to adjust the height and width of the mill with the wood plank.

Hence, you need to take care of the issues in prior. Check the accessories – what you need and what you get from the manufacturer. If something is missing, you need to get information about the availability of the accessory.

Brand value matters 

On the other part, you must get the best alaskan chainsaw mill from a brand. There are several reasons to select a brand. Firstly, a brand is reputed, and the product is reliable. If you get your product from a non-brand, it points out that you are devoid of warranty and other advantages.

Besides, those products are less durable in every term. In the end, the investment will appear a wastage of money. It is, thus, wise to get the best chainsaw lumber mill from a reputed brand.


Oftentimes, the lumbers are inaccurate and not in perfect shape. It happens as the mill lacks the exact level of accuracy. It is a good idea to check the accuracy beforehand you select the best chainsaw lumber mill.

Simultaneously, it should be flexible too. Parallel tracks are more flexible. But a condition is that the surface needs to be even. Performing better on an uneven surface is quite impossible.

Did you check the price?

Well, most of us make the mistake. We do not check the price or forget to compare with other similar products. But the best idea is to check the price of the mill. Money matters because this is an investment. And investment returns benefits. But with a higher price of the mill, you cannot expect a good return. 

Safety tips 

Safety hazards are always there when you operate the chainsaw mill chain. Professionals always recommend having some safety gear while you are running the show. Thus, a couple of essential safety tips are here. They will help to prevent injuries and other unwanted incidents.

Protective gear 

First of all, you must wear protective gear. Since you are working with sharp tools, this is necessary to get safety gear. They include safety gloves, boots, goggles, or masks. Using the gloves will prevent the injuries in your hand. The mask will prevent the wood splinters from hitting your face and head. The boots will also do the same.

Wide cutting space 

Secondly, you need to have ample working space. Wood cutting takes a moderate space for comfortable cutting. And when you are dealing with lumbers, the area should be wide. Moreover, working in a shorter space brings unnecessary troubles. Though you can set the mill into a smaller chainsaw, you cannot place the wood in a smaller place.

Care for this issue in particular.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I adjust the height and width of the best portable chainsaw mill? 

A: Of course, you can adjust the height and width of the mill. But beforehand, check if the wood thickness goes with the specification of the mill. Remember, if the wood plank thickness is beyond the capacity, you may not adjust.

Q: How to adjust the mill clamp on a wood beam?

A: The process is simple. You have to set the mill on the beam or any other suitable position. Then attach the clamp with the surface. Clamps are convenient and prevent drilling on the surface to hold the mill.

Q: Which mill is better – the ones with die-cast metal or made with stainless steel?

A: Experts always recommend to get the best chain for chainsaw mill from stainless steel. The die-cast metal products do not last long and are subject to rust and quick decay.

Last thoughts 

Now, you have all the information about the best portable chainsaw mill. I have tried to explain the facts and figures in detail. The sole aim is to inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of the products so that you have a great buy.

You can select any of the products from above to make lumbers. Please do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Happy lumbering!