Best Dowel Jig Reviews with Buying Guide for Beginners 

Best dowel jig

Do you know why the wooden furniture is available at a cheaper cost?? Best dowel jig, like Eagle America 445-7600 Professional Wide Capacity Self-Centering Dowel Jig, with other materials in furniture manufacturing, is the key.

The old fashions of joining wood pieces are no more suitable now. You can use screws or biscuits to complete the process. But they are less active now. On the contrary, the best self-centering dowel jig joins the wood pieces firmly than manual modes. Consequently, furniture and other wooden products last longer than your expectations.

Best dowel jig kit, being an investment, needs proper attention before the purchase. To be honest, I am not a lover of the best simple dowel jig. But I felt the necessity of having the right one during the last DIY furniture making process. Therefore, now I know if you can’t select the best dowel jig for woodworking, you will suffer in the long run.

Considering all the aspects, I have prepared this best dowel jig review. It will help you get the right product for your wood works.

Types of Dowel Jigs 

Before we move to the review, it would be highly beneficial if we know the kinds of dowel jigs.

There are three basic types of dowel jigs available. They are

-         Basic: This is intended for the beginners who want to have DIY activities. Such devices come with fewer features. Durability is not always ensured, as most of them are not solidly built.

-         Intermediate: Such tools are usable both by the beginners and professional users. The price is moderate, and their performance is also up to the mark. You can use the devices for almost all of your needs regardless of your carpentry experience.

-         Advanced: The advanced dowel jigs are for the professionals alone. They come with top-notch features and durability. The mainstream of the advanced jigs has metallic body construction with ample options to join various types of woods.

Selection of The Best Dowel Jig System

As I told, I am a DIYer and love to make small furniture for the home. So, I have got some essential ideas about joining the wood pieces. Besides, I maintain a community where some people also practice DIY carpentry. So, they also played a vital role in the selection of the products.

Moreover, I also had some small chats with the local sellers – from whom I get the best dowel jig under $50. They also have some observations which have been reflected in this review. They also opined about the increased sale of certain products. So, I have listed them here too.

Alongside the real-life feed backs, I also compared with the online reviews of the products. You cannot ignore the reviews on different sites about the products. So, all the information has made it a great piece, indeed.

Another note for readers: 

I have selected eight best dowel jig for woodworking. But not all the readers are the same. Some may lose patience to go through these large texts. So, there is a split. The first one is about the review, and the last one is about purchasing the jig tool.

I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Product reviews (part 1)

Eagle America Dowel Jig

Eagle America is on the first position of the list for its extensive features and capacity to perform various carpentry jobs. Besides, I have checked the online and offline reviews, and they are perfect for this small carpentry tool. The most crucial issue is that you can drill different sizes of homes in the wood.

Moreover, the tool can handle around six inches of thickness. So, no matter if you are dealing with a massive job, it can provide an easy solution than the old hand-held tools. The other impressive advantage is that you can quickly assemble the tool on the wood surface. But there would be issues while assembling with the other such tools.

The use of precision makes it more comfortable. You do not need to take a measurement or any sort of calculation before the jigging process. It also can make offset holes alongside the other types of holes. Due to the added spacer block, the process is more comfortable too.  


  •    Easy assembly
  • Accuracy ensured
  • Quick performance
  • No measurement necessary
  • Anodized aluminum body construction
  • Performs versatile jobs


  • You cannot use a pencil as a marker
  • Product may get imbalanced
Milescraft 1311 jointpro

Finding out the second best master dowel jig was not easy. Many of the professionals were in trouble with the several types of holes on the wood surface. Not all the dowel jigs were capable of making the holes. So, I underwent extensive research to find out the right one that can meet the purposes.

This versatile small carpentry tool fits in the criteria. It can make several types of joints, including edge, surface, and even corners. Besides, the performance is speedy and accurate. So, the review of the product is higher too. Most importantly, you can interchange the bushing block, which is not available with the other tools.   

For set-up, you can drill around six matching holes with accuracy. Thus, it saves time for the professional carpenters. Being a self-clamping tool, you need no additional support to hold it. The device sits firmly in the wood surface in a horizontal or vertical position. 


  • Self-clamping device for a secure hold
  • Precise hole alignment
  •  Quick and safer drilling
  •  Interchangeable bushing blocks
  • Versatile application
  • Durable steel construction


  • Screw adjustment may appear troublesome
  • Centering is difficult
Dowl 1000 self doweling jig

Dowl-it 1000 from Rockler is on the third position of the review for the outstanding features and advantages. Besides, the users are also happy with the performance of this hardware while the design is up to the mark. The other impressive factor is that the tool is easy to use and has a versatile performance.

This self-centering doweling jig has a capacity of two inches. You can also use various types of bores. Construction of the body is durable and lasts longer than average jiggling tools. The central block of this gear is from solid steel, and the coating can prevent rust as well.

Setting up the jig easy and even the novices can swiftly apply the tool for carpentry. Moreover, you will not need to use any sort of measurement in this precise tool for its particular accuracy. It also saves time as there are no loose ends, and it rarely misplaces from the wood surface. 


  • Durable steel body
  • Precise and accurate
  • Compact size and efficient operation
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Usable to wood up to two inches thick
  • Different hole sizes available


  • Single hole at a time
  • No bushing with the tool
Premium Doweling jig

The Task is a famous US brand and gained the fourth position. It is versatile and a handy piece that will ensure strong bonding between and among wood surfaces. Experts also are happy with the performance as it can perform quickly and saves time. Interestingly, the tool has been awarded publicly for extraordinary performance.

This is a self-centering tool that will cover over two inches. Besides, it comes with a bushing of the same size. If you need accurate center drilling, this is the right object for your needs. Even if the wood surface is round, no worries! You can easily make holes there.

Construction of the body is another issue to admire. It comes with an aluminum body. So, it will last longer and provide optimum performance against your investment. The body is also resistant to corrosion due to the steel plates. Thereby, you are free of worries of decay for years. 


  • Exact accuracy
  • Prevention of rust and corrosion
  • Aluminum body
  • Two each size bushing
  • Automatic action
  • Durable performance


  • One side drilling
  • The bushing may break
wolfcraft Doweling Jig Kit

In the fifth position, it comes the wolcraft tool for carpentry. Several reasons have backed the jig tool to occupy the berth in the review list. The brand has been manufacturing various carpentry tools for around 70 years. This is the key reason, and many other end-level user rating is also high for this product. 

The application of the jig tool is also simple. You need no drills. Instead, you can use the clamp the device on the wood surface and get the joints quickly. The tool is designed to perform various types of joining like edge to corner, edge to edge, among others. If you need a T-butt, you can also have it.

Thickness it can handle is around half inches to over one inch. It comes with two-part drilling jig. Besides, there are accessories like steel depth stop, dowel pins, dowel clamps. So, you need not to get them added as you do with the other ordinary jig tools. 


  • Precise dowel holes
  • Simple alignment
  • Nine pre-aligned holes
  • Easy marking on wood
  • Versatile application
  • Durable body construction with a five-year warranty


  • Accuracy may not be okay all the time
  • Drill holes are not synchronized with the opposite line
Self Centering Doweling Jig

Though the user rating for this HF tool is not up to the mark, I have placed it on the sixth position for the lower price range. Often, carpenters are in trouble with the higher price of the best cross dowel jig. They need some alternatives, and here comes the perfect one. You can perform almost all types of jigging with this one.

Five dowel size makes it attractive to many, and even once I took support from this tool to make a joint. In fact, I have several dowel jigs in my collection. However, due to the sizes, you will have flexibility – which is a vital advantage of this product. You may need to adjust the alignment manually for perfection in the holes.

The centering adjustment may appear a bit complex, but you can fix that in no time too. The way of adjusting the centering is different than the usual tools. 


  • Moderately durable than the price range
  • Five dowel sizes
  • Holes come with drill
  • Self-centering dowel
  • Complies with a various drill bushing
  • Stylish outlook


  • Alignment needs manual correction
  • Hole size may vary
Milescraft 1309 Doweljigkit

On my list, Milescraft returns with another best metric dowel jig. This is a reputed brand that has won the hearts of thousands of professionals and DIYers like me with its unique features. If you need accuracy in jigging, this is the most impressive product. The other important issue is that it comes with a complete package.

You will have all the necessary jigging tools in a single place, and it will save you time and money. The adjustable fence will make the alignment precise and accurate. At the same time, the joint of the wood will be stronger and last for long. With this tool, you can work in a single hand.

Measurement during the jigging process is no more necessary. It joins the edges of other shapes and surfaces smoothly. Besides, if you need a quick operation, you cannot find something better than this tool. Minimal set-up is the additional feature that I admired most for this device. You need no extra activities to position the dowels. 


  • Durable body
  • Complete package
  • Joins various surfaces and edges
  • Metal bushing for accurate alignment
  • Usable with lumbers too
  • Stronger hold of the joints


  • Cannot draw center lines
  • Needs positioning fixture manually
Grizzly G1874 Doweljig

This is the last product today. Grizzly is one of the trusted names in woodworking. A notable number of users have positive reviews about this particular best dowel jig system. I have placed it in the last position to surprise the readers. It comes with a couple of specific advantages that you have rarely experienced before.

If you need quality and reliability, Grizzly is the brand that can provide both of the features. Though some other brands may offer similar products, those do not last long. Either you need to repair and maintain them carefully, or they will rust, come close to damage, and more. No such issues are here. 

Being compact and lightweight, this product can deliver excellent performance in carpentry. It can join several types of edges and surfaces. Accuracy is up to the mark, and you need no manual adjustment. Versatility is the other feature that I loved most. The use of the five hole sizes also makes woodworking fun. 


  • Compact design with lightweight feature
  • Five hole sizes
  • Suitable for all types of joints
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Self-centering design
  •  Six steel bushing


  • Centering may not be accurate, rarely
  • Most of the holes are off-center

Best dowel jig buying guide for beginners 

Before you make your selection of the best self-centering dowel jig, you must know some certain specific features. Seek the features of the product you have selected. If the features are not present in the jig tool, move for the next one.

After conversations with the professionals and from my own experience, I have made this buying guide. And expecting it would make the buying process easy for you.

Set your goal

Experts say that you need to set your goal first. You cannot use the best centering dowel jig for every purpose of carpentry. You can make some stronger joints for durability. Besides, you may need to drill in the wood or have to make sharp edges too.

Therefore, you have to set the goal and intention of use. Later, seek the right product that fits your woodworking needs. 

Tool Accuracy

Remember, the dowel jigs are different on features and ways of use. A single product will not meet all the needs. Hence, the accuracy level will also differ. If you are a beginner, you need the exact accuracy. But the experts will not need so. They can adjust the accuracy based on the working needs.

Thereby, checking the accuracy based on your skills is another task. Before you select any dowel jig, ask the seller or get some online and offline reviews about accuracy. 

The accuracy of every dowel jig differs. So what accuracy level are you seeking to achieve? You should know that this is based on the task to be carried. Tough tasks will require that you consider more accurate dowel jigs than other essential tasks.

Versatile application 

At the same time, you have to focus on the versatility of the product. You are investing in your woodworking. So, you need to have the return of investment as well. If the dowel jig is unable to perform a variety of tasks, you cannot expect an early investment return from the device.

So, experts recommend to check the versatility of the dowel jig. Make sure it can join several types of edges and surfaces. Some of the tools are unable to join the center while others have issues with the corners. But, get a dowel jig that can reach all the parts of the wood easily.

Flexible device 

You are a beginner, right? So, you are peeking on this buying guide. In fact, the experts do not need to check the buying guide to have such a tool. They can set their goals and accordingly have the product. But you need to check the issue of flexibility. Adjustment, alignment, etc. are the key factors.

So, while selecting your tool, make sure you check if the product is flexible. You are a beginner and will take the time to master the skills. Thereby, you need time to master it. But if the product is not flexible, you may lag in the race.   


Under this feature, a dowel jig can automatically set the alignment. You need not manual intervention to center the jig. Actually, centering manually is a complicated issue, and it takes time too. All the matters make a delay in the overall woodworking process. But you can quickly get rid of such hassles.

Experts always suggest to check if the jig is self-centering or not. If the device is not with this feature, you need to change your plan. It is wise to check the matter manually lest you are not in trouble in your working process.

Bushing size matters 

At the same time, you will need bushing to make the joints. But if the busing is not up to the mark or the sizes are not available, you are in hot water. Usually, the manufacturers provide several bushing sizes with their respective products. The price might slightly fluctuate, and that is a minor issue, indeed.

You must check that there are multiple bushing sizes available. Carpentry is a huge issue, and you may need different sizes of the bushing to join the edges or surfaces. If the bushing sizes not fit your work, you may have to get them added. This is a waste of time. Henceforth, you should check them properly.   

Ease of Adjustment

On the other part, you also need to check the alignment of the jig. With a firm clamp, the jig will remain in the position tightly. But if the clamp is unavailable or lose, you may need to think alternative. And it will kill your time.

But if the adjustment capacity is up to the mark, you can efficiently complete all the jobs. Only, the clamping feature can bring the desired change in the working capacity. Make sure the dowel jig has the ability to hole the working surface with a strong clamp. In the end, you will have a great work.

Body construction 

The other thing you need to consider is the body construction. Many of the jigs come with a weak body. As a result, the users are in trouble because they do not last long. But a body with stainless steel or aluminum can remove your worry. This is another primary task that will help you get the right product.

Without the steel or other metallic construction, the jig will not perform well. Initially, there might be a regular performance, but gradually it will reduce. But when you have the body with metals, you can expect a tough life of the product and better performance. 

Fix your budget

Budget also matters in this selection process. Most of the cases, the beginners have no or less idea about the budget of the dowel jigs. So, they get either the most cheaper products or select the most expensive ones. But both types of products are not economical.

If you select a cheap product, you will have troubles within a short time. And if you get the expensive one, you may not use them for your needs as those are for the experts. Thereby, the best idea is to set a budget and accordingly get your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is self-centering dowel jig?

A self-centering dowel jig is a tool that needs no manual adjustment. It sits on the center of the wood or surface automatically. As a result, carpentry becomes more comfortable and faster.

  • How many bushing holes are better?

Experts recommend that there should be at least five to six bushing. An increased number of bushing helps to perform various types of drilling.

  • How to join wood pieces?

This is a simple process. At first, you are to mark the points where you want to make the joints. Then drill in the positions and assemble the joints with the preset parts. You can also use glues for faster and durable joining between the pieces.

Last words 

I am in the last phase of the review and want to wrap it up. So far, I have shared all the necessary information available about the best dowel jig. All the products have their advantages and disadvantages. Now, you have got some basic ideas about the best self centering dowel jig and best dowel jig kit.

Apply the knowledge in your next buy to have the most suitable one.

Happy woodworking.