The Ten Best Tile Cutter Reviews in 2021: Buyer Guide Included

Best Tile Cutter

Any homeowner thinking of home renovation must think about one particular tool even before they start the renovation work. Yes, I am talking about the best tile cutter.

Without this power tool, you cannot progress in renovating home. Similarly, owning a proper tile cutter is an absolute must for construction workers also. The type of tile cutter you buy will determine the output of your porcelain, ceramic, and glass tile cutting.

But with an array of alternatives, it’s easy to get succumbed and feel disparity. But fear not.

Our expert reviewers have tested, talked to tile workers, and taken experts' opinions to review these top ten tile cutters, both automatic and manual, for your convenience.

So, are you up for it?

Our Picks 10 Best Tile Cutters List for 2021

A tile cutter is a unique power tool. It helps you cut tiles without much hassle. Here, we have selected ten top-rated tile cutters, which are high-performing, durable, and comes at a reasonable price.

Also, we have considered versatility as well as customers review and manufacturers reputation in the market while selecting these top 10 tile cutters. Hence, you rest assured of getting the most premium cutters for tiles in this in-depth review.

1. QEP 10800 Professional Porcelain Tile Cutter

QEP 10800 Professional Porcelain Tile Cutter

Key Features

  • Cutting Length: 28” and 20” diagonally.
  • Cutting thickness: 5/8 inches
  • Wheel thickness: 7/8 inches
  • Construction: Aluminum alloy die case

If you are sincerely and ardently looking for the best tile cutter for porcelain, you must hurry to get the QEP Professional Porcelain tile cutter. It comes with precision cutting capacity that cuts ceramic floor and wall tile as well as porcelain tile for up to 28 inches. Also, it can cut up to 20 inches diagonally.

For convenient and precise cutting, it comes with a wide die-cast aluminum alloy base. It has been stable with heavy-duty rubber pads. So, you will experience smooth tile cutting without any further hassle. Furthermore, the bicycle grip large and leverage grip allows fatigue-free working.

The professional tile cutter also comes with a ball bearing linear sides. It enables smooth scoring, which is a must for tile cuttings. Also, the cutting wheel is made with tungsten carbide with a titanium coating for added durability. The wheel measures 7/8” and even replaceable. So, you can change the dull wheel anytime.

Lastly, you will love its four different height adjustments for easy snapping and moving out of the tiles away.

  • Wheel height adjustment facility
  • Replaceable titanium coated wheel
  • Cuts both porcelain and ceramic tile and wall
  • Stability ensured with a rubber pad
  • Nothing so far
The tile cutter is well built and features excellent breaks. So, you will get a smooth performance without fearing about damaging the tiles.
QEP 10900Q 35-Inch Manual Tile Cutter

Key Features

  • Cutting Length:35” and 24” diagonally.
  • Cutting thickness: 5/8 inches
  • Wheel thickness: 7/8 inches
  • Construction: Aluminum alloy die case

The 10900Q is an innovative and high-performing tule cutter from QEP that easily fits into the best manual tile cutter category for its remarkable -performance and versatile usage. It will create perfect planks with its 35-inches cutting length for both ceramic and porcelain tiles.  Also, it can cut tiles diagonally for up to 24 inches.

The scoring and snapping are made smooth with the tungsten carbide made, and titanium coated 7/8 inches wheel. The titanium coating also ensures that the wheel is ready to withstand wear and tear for convenient use.

Furthermore, its two steel rails are made of chrome-plated metal, which cooperates with linear sides ball bearing for clean snapping of the tiles. Also, you can cut large tiles with its slide arm extensions.

Additionally, its bi-cycle grip with ergonomic design features reduced fatigue and convenient cutting. The cutting is made accurate with the inclusion of adjustable straight edge measurements. It also allows for repetitive cuts.

  • Easy cleaning
  • Smooth snapping and scoring
  • Ideal for cutting large tiles
  • Durable alloy construction
  • Rubber pads ensure stability
  • Excludes carriage facility
Its capacity to cut large tiles will allow you to decorate your home floor and wall with flawless tiles. Also, it comes at a relatively low price for a money-saving alternative.
QEP 10630Q 24-Inch Manual Tile Cutter

Key Features

  • Cutting Length: 24” and 17.5” diagonally.
  • Wheel thickness: 7/8 inches
  • Construction: Aluminum alloy die case
  • Type: Manual

This is our third pick from QEP, and it’s for no simple reason. The manual tile cutter ranks among the best tile cutter for ceramic tiles with its efficiency and durability at work.

The QEP 106300 comes with 24” cutting capacity and diagonally 17.5-Inch, which may not be sufficient for handling large tiles, but it delivers perfect cutting. What’s more, the tile cutter comes in an extremely affordable price tag that makes it ideal for homemakers and hobbyists.

The tile can cut both ceramic and porcelain tiles to give your home renovation or new construction a picture-perfect look. Its titanium coated 7/8 inches tungsten carbide wheel allows smooth snapping and scoring. It gets stability during cute from the rubber pads.

Also, it has an ergonomic manual handle with aluminum alloy die-cast construction for durability and available work. Additionally, the double rails are made of steel with chrome coating and join with the ball bearings for smooth snapping.

Hence, the abrasion-resistant tile cutter is undoubtedly one heck of addition for construction workers.

  • Abrasion-resistant wheel
  • Brilliant value for your money
  • Adjustable measuring guide
  • Weigh only 16.2 pounds
  • Smaller cutting capacity
  • Quality can be improved
The QEP 10630Q tile cutter will flourish your home with high-demanding and unique tile cuts to make your neighbors envy.
M-D Building Products 49047 Tile Cutter

Key Features

  • Cutting Length: 24” and 17.5” diagonally.
  • Cutting thickness: ¾ inches
  • Wheel thickness: 7/8 inches
  • Construction: Aluminum alloy die case
  • Type: Manual

M-D Building Products built this best tile cutter, particularly for cutting small ceramic and porcelain tiles. Hence, it is ideal for a small bathroom and home renovation.  It enables contractors to cut tiles in 20’inches square with ¾ inches thickness.

In terms of construction, the tile cutter is made with a premium aluminum base, which is nearly unbreakable. Furthermore, its wheel is made of abrasion-resistant tungsten for durability. Customers also love its ball-bearing convenient carriage. Moreover, the carriage moves along the steel rails having a chrome plate. Additionally, the ball bearing enables trouble-free smooth and comfortable operation.

All in all, this tile cutter delivers just about the right performance that contractors and homeowners will love. The solid construction is also ideal for cutting smaller tiles.

  • Durable construction
  • The steel railings are made sturdy
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Brilliant customer care service
  • Low quality
  • The blade isn’t stable
If you are looking for a low-priced tile cutting tool for small works that would deliver just about the right performance, you can avail this M-D made a cutter for tiles.
Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 3 Porcelain Tile Cutter

Key Features

  • Cutting Length: 29” and 20” diagonally.
  • Cutting thickness:1 inch
  • Construction: Durable aluminum base
  • Type: Manual

Whenever we talk about the best porcelain tile cutter, we must mention the Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 3 Porcelain Tile Cutter because of its high-precision and convenient design. It outperforms most of its contenders with pinpoint delivery during work time.

You will be able to cut the most considerable tiles with this brilliant porcelain cutter since it comes with an enormous 29” square and 20” diagonal tile cutting capacity. What’s more, its wheel is capable of cutting up to 1” thickness, which is by far the deepest among all tile cutters.

With this high-efficient tile cutter splitting and cutting process is made super easy, thanks to its patented self-adjustable scoring process. Also, the base and wheel are made of abrasion and rust-resistant material for an extended lifetime.

The scribe handle facilitates push function with an ergonomic grip. Hence, the stealthy and accurate grip ensures smooth and precise cuts without any trouble. In short, Evolution 3 brings an innovative tile cutting experience even for novice workers.

  • Doesn’t require any assembly
  • Accessible to transport and store
  • Ideal for cutting large tiles
  • Lubrication system is integrated
  • Titanium wheel
  • Slightly expensive
  • Only cute porcelain tiles
The Monotolit made tile cutter comes with integrated lubrication that makes sure no tiles are damaged. With no assembly, the tile cutter supports natural transportation and storage also.
Sigma Pull Handle 26 Tile Cutter

Key Features

  • Cutting Length: 26” and 18.5” diagonally.
  • Cutting thickness: 0.7874 inch
  • Cutting Capacity: Versatile
  • Type: Manual

Are you looking for the best tile cutter on the market that can cut almost all types of tiles? If yes, then the Sigma should be your top priority.

The tile cutter comes with a 45-degree rotatory measurement Clever dual scale for precision cuts. Its 12 mm lengthy scoring wheel will cut 26” straight cuts along with 18.5” diagonal cuts. What’s more, the tile cutter works equally well with the porcelain, glass mosaic, salvation, pavers, quarry, and a variety of granite and marble tiles.

Hence, this is the most versatile tile cutter available in the market. Its versatility is a perfect match with its precision cutting, thanks to its base plate loaded with Spring. Also, its pull handle features the original 3 series Sigma grip for a comfortable grip. Thus, it reduces work fatigue that enables users to work for long working hours.

  • Extremely versatile
  • Reasonable pricing
  • The measuring bar is rotatable
  • Super lightweight
  • The overall construction isn’t sturdy enough
The Sigma 3 series tile cutter is made for all. Whether you cut porcelain and ceramic or hard mosaic tiles, you will love its precision. It is also the best tile cutter for mosaic at present.
Tomecanic 29 Supercut 2175 Tile Cutter

Key Features

  • Cutting Length: 26” and 18.5” diagonally.
  • Cutting thickness: 5/8 inch
  • Cutting Capacity: Versatile
  • Type: Manual

Have you ever encountered any problem while cutting tiles for home renovation or construction sites? These problems take place because of an improper tile cutting machine. But, with this Tomecanic 29" Supercut 2175 Tile Cutter, all your tile cutting problems will disappear forever.

Unlike most tile cutter in the market, this manual cutter for a tile comes precisely what it promises to customers. No more and no less.

Its 29” straight and 20” diagonal cuts are made to pierce through the porcelain, mosaic tiles, floor tiles, and other materials also. Its comfortable and pinpoint scoring are made possible by its bearing head with nine balls. The bearing head is positioned cutting head and allows smooth movement.

You can also snap off the tile easily with its spring pads and large breakers. Furthermore, its breaking lever generates 2500 lbs of extreme pressure to split tiles quickly and precisely. Lastly, its single rail guide is sturdy enough not to flex while cutting porcelain tiles.

  • Durable design
  • Easy application
  • Versatile
  • Accuracy
  • Slightly weighty
This Tomecanic is one of the best tile cutters for porcelain with high-accuracy and extreme user convenience. It’s also priced affordably.
QEP 10214Q 14 Rip Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Cutter

Key Features

  • Cutting Length: 14” and 10” diagonally.
  • Cutting thickness: 1/2 inch
  • Cutting Capacity: Ceramic and porcelain
  • Type: Manual

Do you want the best tile cutter for small tiles at an affordable price? If yes, then this QEP 10214Q is all ready to get-go for your construction, and home renovation works. Also, this excellent small tile cutter tool comes at a relatively low price.

The tool will cut tiles 14” straight and 10” diagonally with extreme precision. It works perfectly both for floor and wall tiles made of ceramic or porcelain. Furthermore, the tile cutter can pierce through ½ inches tile easily.

QEP equipped its ball-bearing sides with the linear movement for repetitive, accurate, and smooth cuts. Additionally, the scoring is also easy due to is chrome-plated dual steel rails. There are bumpers that also ensure premiere protections.

On top of it, this QEP cutting tool is made of aluminum allow and rubber pad. Both give durability and incredible stability to the tile cutting device. The rubber pad thus ensures that tiles won’t get damaged.

 Moreover, the tungsten made blade is replaceable easily.

  • User-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for handling small tiles
  • Can’t be used for large tiles
  • Questionable durability
If you are going to renovate a small bathroom or patio area, then you need to have this QEP 10214Q. It will come at a reasonable price.
Seeutek Manual Tile Cutter

Key Features

  • Cutting Length: 40” square.
  • Cutting thickness: 0.24-0.60 inch
  • Cutting Capacity: Ceramic (mainly)
  • Type: Manual

We present this Seeutek manual tile for those who are looking for the best tile cutter for large tiles in a relatively pocket-friendly budget. It’ a brilliant tool to perform massive cuts up to 40” straight with 0.24-0.6” thickness.

Its braided reel and foot are moveable that adds protection for the tiles. Also, its fabric cushion makes sure that the slab won’t crack or slip when you cut them. The best thing is that the cutter can cut both porcelain and ceramic tiles.

The board of the cutter is made with a durable aluminum alloy, so it is ready for rough usage for years after years. Additionally, the aluminum construction is lightweight also. There’s also a precise-sales that is suitable for all types of ceramic tiles.

Add the end, you will love its ergonomic handle with anti-slip technology. Also, its anti-collision design makes sure that the cutter will stay undamaged.

  • Easy usage
  • Ideal for large tile
  • Exemplary protection
  • Extreme durability
  • Insufficient laser light
This Manual tile cutter is a brilliant device to cut large tiles with ease. With supporting foot and fabric cushion, it also provides excellent protection for slabs.
Goplus 24 Inch Manual Tile Cutter

Key Features

  • Cutting Length: 24” and 16” diagonally.
  • Cutting thickness: 0.2-.047 inches
  • Cutting Capacity: Ceramic and porcelain
  • Type: Manual

Premium cutting wheel, accuracy, and simple operation- that’s what describes this best tile cutter for the money. It cuts 24” straight and 16” diagonal with 0.2-.047 inches thickness. There’s also a removable ruler for accuracy.

The base of the cutter is made of heavy-duty iron, which is durable. Additionally, there are two rugged rails for ensuring accurate cuts and long-last use. Moreover, the tile cutter is suitable for both ceramic and porcelain tiles. Therefore, it can cut glazed and non-glazed floor tiles. Accordingly, the tile cutter is ideal for both home and professional use.

The next thing you will notice about the tile cutter is its curve handle. It comes with an ergonomic grip, and also, there’s an anti-skid pad that adds superior protection of the tiles. Therefore, you can rely on its performance, durability, and efficiency.

  • Heavy-duty
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy use
  • Nothing reported so far.
The high-performing tile cutter is ideal for home and construction site use. You will love its precision cutting and exceptional tile protection.

The Best Tile Cutter Buying Guide: Factors You Must Consider Before Buying

If you want to lay tiles on the wall and floors, owning the best manual tile cutter may decrease a lot of your problems. The best part is that unlike conventional methods, manual tile cutters are less likely to shatter or slip.

However, buying the appropriate tile cutter in a pocket-friendly budget isn’t a walk in the park. You need to sincerely consider a lot of factors. But fear not. We have compiled all these essential requirements for the tile cutter in the following section.

So, let’s check them out.

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Tile Cutter Types

There are certainly many types of tile cutters available in the market. But the two mainstream kinds features- electrical and manual tile cutter. While electrical cutters are fast and high-performing, they are expensive too.

On the contrary, manual tile cutters are accurate and reduce the chance of tile damage. In this review article, we are ardently focusing on the manual tile cutters that are super-accurate and easy to use.

Tile Cutting Capacity

Although most manual tile cutters come with porcelain and ceramic tile cutting capacity, some high-end tools can also cut mosaic, granite, and even stone made tiles. So, you need to select which kinds of flooring you want to cut and then buy accordingly.

Cutting Length

The cutting length of a tile cutter is extremely significant since it will determine the overall performance of the tool. Also, it will help you to accommodate the type of renovation or construction work you can accomplish with a tile cutter.

Ideally, a tile cutter comes with three different cutting lengths, such as small, medium, and large ones. While the small ones can cut around 10-20 inches, the medium will cut 20-30 inches, and the large oner will perform cuts over 30 inches.

Blade Material

The blade size and material will go a long way to determine your cutting experience. Ideally, a blade should be made of abrasion-resistant material for durability. For instance, all our reviewed tile cutters come with tungsten made titanium coating that will last for an extended period.

Also, the blade replacement should be comfortable when it becomes dull.


If you are a professional contractor, you will need to move from one construction site to another for tiling works. Hence, the portability of the tile cutter is exceptionally crucial. Also, the tile cutter should be lightweight, which would further add to its portability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the best tile cutter to buy?

Buying a tile cutter needs a lot of consideration. However, the best tile cutter to purchase should be one with high-efficiency, adequately performing, and affordable. It should also be portable and versatile with a user-friendly interface.

  • Which type of tile cutter is best?

The best type of tile cutter could be either electrical or manual. But whatever may be the type, it should be able to cut both ceramic and porcelain tiles. Nonetheless, the ability to cut mosaic and granite tiles will be a bonus.

  • What brand of tile cutter is the best?

Although it’s tough to answer the best tile cutting manufacturer brand, according to customers’ reviews and marketers’ opinions, QEP is a leading tile cutter manufacturer at present. It comes with an incredibly wide variety of cutters to enable you to choose according to your requirements. 

  • How to cut ceramic tile?

Cutting a ceramic tile using a manual tile cutter is pretty straightforward. At first, you need to mark the tile where you want to perform the cut. Then, set the marked tile carefully in the cutting tool. After that, apply sufficient pressure to score the tile accurately.


A manual tile cutter is a unique cutting tool. It enables homeowners and contractors to cut tiles with high-accuracy in a relatively short time that quickens home renovation and new construction. But, selecting a tile cutter is a challenging task for many people.

Hence, after much research and testing, our expert team came up with these top-rated ten tile cutters for precision tile cutting at an extremely customer friendly budget. We have opted for these tile cutting tools to make your construction a little bit easier.

We hope you will like the review and tell us what else you want to form us.