10 Best Brad Nailer- 18 Gauge,Electric and Cordless(Buying Guide and Review)

Best Brad Nailer

When you are a carpenter or occasional home project maker then the bard nailer should be in your positions. Why? The answer is very simple; if you want perfect finish and small holes that can be cover by only paint then no other tool can compete with a brad nailer.

In this manner, one thing you must be considered that not every nailer can do the job perfectly as per your requirement. In this case, you have to look for the best brad nailer that has the ability to complete your task without any error.

Since brad nailers are now available in different features, prices and above all functionality so it is undoubtedly difficult for the beginner and even professionals to choose the right one for them.

Consequently, you need a complete guideline along with the top nailer list to figure out excellent pieces along with their differences.

Accordingly, we made this genuine, quick and relevant guideline for you so go ahead to gather the knowledge.

Our Pick 10 Best Bard Nailer 2021- 18 Gauge, Cordless, Electric And More

By the title, you might get we are not making the list with one type of brad nailer rather find out the best bard nailer from all categories. Besides in the bottom section adds buying guide, additional information about nailer and the original definition and compression of the mentioned device.

So let’s get start.

1. Makita AF505N Brad Nailer, 2-Inch (Top pick)

  • Nail Gauge: 18
  • Nail size: 5/8” to 2”
  • Magazine capacity: 100 Nail
  • Weight: 3.0IBS
  • Power method: Pneumatic
Makita AF505N Brad Nailer

The very first model we have taken from the well-recognized brand namely Makita and the model surname is Makita AF505N. Its take the 1st place of our top list because this is all in one brad nailer for all sort of trimming and finishing work.

With said, the model is intelligently designed in a narrow nose so that it can easily reach normal or tough space. The nose has dressed with rubber and bumper so that it never makes any scratches and marks behind the work.

The full product dimension is stander (L x W x H): 10-1/4" X 9-5/8" X 2-1/2" and the manufacturer keep 3.0IBS weight that is quite light to carry and workout.

The nailer is made of metal but for the comfortable hold up the hand is cover in rubber grip material. It requires no tool for adjustment and setup so it is very quick and easy to operate with.

By the way, we already mention the power source is pneumatic means you have to run it through air compressor and air hose. 

However, it is the best 18 gauge bard nailer that has up to 100 nails magazine capacity. Besides comes with a duel nail reload indicator that gives a signal to a user when to avoid blank drives and reloaded nails. Once more tool-less quick release cam-lock helps you to easily assemble and clear jams nail effortlessly.

We previously called it all-in-one bard nailer because it actually means this. It has ideal size, weight feature and even comes with tool case and safety goggles. So we think you might not expect anything else from any single brad nailer right? 


  • Narrow nose fits every place
  • Tool-less quick assemble and jam clearing
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • No-marrying rubber nose and handle
  • Comes with toolbox and goggles
  • Ideal for all woodworking application
  • Tool hook can be rotated 180 degree


  • No rapid-fire option
  • Nail Gauge: 18
  • Nail size: 5/8"- 2"
  • Magazine capacity: 100 Nail
  • Weight: 5.9 Pounds
  • Power method: Battery (20 volts)
Porter cable 20V max

The next we have come with the best cordless brad nailer which we have collected from PORTER-CABLE who is famous for making a tool like this. In order to make the list full of different type nailer, we have chosen this particular one that carries a few uncommon features than the 1st one.

Consequently, the first difference is this model is run through battery power so you don’t need to buy any additional air compressor, air hose, and gas. Besides come with few styles like 1 battery included, extra 20volt battery, Bluetooth speaker, led area light so a user has few opportunities to choose from.

Our selected style full product dimension is 13.9 x 5 x 12 inches and since it is cordless design so builds in only 5.9 pounds weight.

Stepped to the functionality, the bard nail can shot 1300 nails per charge when you are using a 4Ah battery. This is an outstanding quality that frees users from charging the device frequently.

Therefore comes with 100 nail magazine capacity and can fire steadily that makes it better than any Pneumatic brad nailer.

The most noticeable feature of the model is its led light indicator. The led light gives alert the user if anything goes wrong along with running out the nail.

In addition, this is equipment with a small flashlight so that a user can also use it in a dark place. Once more the tool-free depth adjustment wheel, jam released and level add extra convince for the user.

Actually we can’t decide between Makita AF505N and PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer for the first and second place. Since one is best as Pneumatic and the other is the best version of cordless.  So undoubtedly it's up to you which actually suit your test. 


  • Require only battery nothing else
  • Tool-less jam release and adjustment wheel
  • Comes with led light indicator
  • Not require frequently charging
  • Stander 18 gauge brad nailer
  • Manufacturer included battery
  • No hose or air compressor need
  • Having


  • Few complain the nail take 1 second to fire again
  • Nail Gauge: 18
  • Nail size: 3/4 to2
  • Magazine capacity: 100 Nail
  • Weight: 5.2 Pounds
  • Power method: Air compressor/ Pneumatic
WEN 61720 Gauge Brad Nailer

Another best Pneumatic bard nailer we have caught from WEN brands and the model is recognized as WEN 61720 18 gauge brad nailer. It again has a few different features then our above mention two models.

Eventually, it is designed in an ergonomic style along with an aluminum body and a comfortable rubber grip handle. The nailer is a feature in ¼” NPT air inlet hook that capable the device to fit in any sort of air hose and compressor.

The model is build up in only one style and coated with the blue, black and yellow color combinations. The full product dimension is 3 x 13 x 11 inches. And the weight is much light 5.2 pounds for carrying and workout.

At the point of performance, it is best brad nailer for any job site. It has 100 nail magazine capacity, lightweight body, depth adjustable wheel, and hex key. In fact for fit into any place having an adjustable exhaust port that can be rotated 360 degrees to control the direction of the outputted air.

Moreover, the quick release magazines effortlessly clear the jams and prevent it from slowing down in any circumstance.

Although, the model is absent in led light indicator the manufacturer build up this in contact trip feature. By the way, the model arrived in carrying box, adjustable wrenches, and oil so you don’t need to buy anything separately.

If you are in a tight budget but looking for quality and average feature brad nailer then look no further and grab this one. This is one of the most budget-friendly devices in our list along with needed feature and function. 


  • Ergonomic design
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Comes with necessary  feature
  • Quick-release magazine
  • Adjustable exhaust port
  • Comes with adjustable wheel


  • Not having any led light indicator
  • Need the practice to use it properly
  • Nail Gauge: 18
  • Nail size: 5/8-Inch to 2
  • Magazine capacity: 100 Nail
  • Weight: 2.2 Pounds
  • Power method: Air compressor/ Pneumatic
Hitachi NT50AE2 Brad Nailer

For the 4th number place, we have included another reasonable price nailer which we have taken from Hitachi brands. It is again a popular pneumatic nailer and offers super features and performance in spite of low price tags.

Well, the model is designed in a fully ergo-dynamic style for ensuring super comfort in your working hours. The manufacturer used aluminum material to keep it lightweight and at the same time durability. It is designed in duel triggers that keep this model uncommon than many others.

The full product dimension is 14.7 x 11.8 x 3.4 inches and the weight is super light 2.2 pounds only.

Although the weight is so light but doesn’t be confused about its capability. It has 100 nail magazine capacities depending on the nail size. Therefore come with adjustable and removal nose, exhausted vent, depth and drive adjustment features that are enough to make the device multifunctional.

The thing that really unique in this bard nailer is its intermittent and continuous firing setup. Users can simply change the function by sliding the sectional control up and down. This function made the device ideal for all types of work like cabinet installation, picture frame furniture construction and so on.

More clearing speaking, with this duel setting you can fire nail in bumping motion or at a rapid pace as per your requirement.

For further convenience, the manufacture adds 360-degree adjustable vent and no-mar nose cap so the tool and work piece save from damage.

Hitachi is the brand of the USA and notorious for making a verity tool for all types of home to construction work. And as for our mention model, it has all those features that a bard nail should have and low in price. 


  • Duel firing option
  • Low price tag
  • Comes with few adjustable features
  • Very lightweight
  • Require low maintenance
  • Quick mechanism and easy jam clearing method


  • Not having any dry lockout
  • Nail Gauge: 18
  • Nail size: 5/8” to 2”
  • Magazine capacity: 105 Nail
  • Weight: 6 Pounds
  • Power method: Battery (18 Volts)
Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18

This is the second cordless bard nailer on our top categories and this one we pick from Ryobi brands. It comes with advance airstrike technology that is a quite new and innovative feature in bard nailer.

However, Ryobi P320 airstrike nailer is designed for a commercial and home base project along with its long-running battery life. Beautifully decorated in cordless layout and the handle is cover with soft grip rubber for the comfortable hold up.

The manufacturer uses plastic material for the whole set up and the full product dimension is 10 x 3 x 7 inches. But bit weighty which is measure as 6 pounds if you compare with our included other model.

Forwarding to the functionality, it will surely own your heart if you want a single nailer for every type of job. It has 105 magazine capacities and can fire 1700 nails per charge.

It takes only an hour to charge fully and go for action. You want to do installing a project or reinforced joints it will obey your command in every step.

In addition, it comes with an LED light indicator to alerts you when the nail going to run out and you need to reload it. Even more, the led light has enough glows so it also illuminates you in a dark place.

Therefore, the jam release process is fully toll-free so you are free from extra maintenance and cost.

This airstrike bard nailer capable you to fire up to 700 nails up to 50 millimeters on a single charge. One thing the manufacturer does not include the battery with the device which you have to purchase separately. 


  • Comfortable rubber grip handle
  • Equipment with an LED light indicator
  • Full charging only takes an hour
  • Can fire 1700 nail at one charge
  • Ideal for both professional and non-professional user
  • Advance airstrike technology


  • Battery have to buy separately
  • Not so budget-friendly
  • Nail Gauge: 18
  • Nail size: 5/8” up to 2-1/8”
  • Magazine capacity: 110 Nail
  • Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Power method: Battery (20V MAX li-ion batteries)
Dewalt DCN680B Brad Nailerbare

At the 6th number place, we have included superbly recognized brands namely DEWALT. The model is from their new creation which is called DEWALT DCN680B. It is again a cordless bard nailer that comes with advanced technology.

With said, this expensive piece of brad nailer is made in steel material whereas the handle is cover with grip rubber. It is quite bulky in outlook and coated with the yellow and black color combination.

The full product dimension is 14.4 x 14.1 x 4.6 inches and in spite of bulky design, its weight is much lighter. The item weight is measure as 4 pounds and the shipping weight is 6.6 pounds.

We already mention it’s a cordless nailer so it does not require gas, air compressor, and air hose to run. A user can use 1.5AH to 9AH lithium-ion batteries as per their need. However, the volt requires 12v-20v maximum. The charge will run forever since it atomically shut down when you are not using the device.

Another unique part of the model, it has a small computer inside the motor that made it actually a bit pricy. The LED light to show you how many pieces of the nail have there and also indicated battery life.

Likewise comes with micro-nose that is placed in the tip of the nailer to help user accurate nail placement.

This is the most expensive model on our top categories for those who don’t want to compromise in quality. The nailer has few advanced features so it is obvious the price is ideal if compare with quality and feature.    


  • Super long-lasting battery life
  • Great durability
  • Comes with an advanced LED light indicator
  • Feature with micro-nose
  • High nail magazine capacity


  • Expensive price tag
  • Bulky design
  • Nail Gauge: 18
  • Nail size: 3/8" to 2" and 1/2" to 1-5/8"
  • Magazine capacity: 100 Nail
  • Weight: 3.09 Pounds
  • Power method: Pneumatic/Air
NuMax S2 118G2 brad Nailer

 The 7th number model is one and only two in one bard nailer in our list which we have taken from NuMax brands. It is not only unique in feature rather much reasonable in price that made us put this into the list of the best brad nailer.

The design is the first thing that makes the model individual than others.  It is structure in 18 gauge brand nail and 18 gauge narrow crown staples together. When you use it as bard nailer the brad length will be 3/8” to 2” and at the time of using it as staples the brad length will be 1/2” and 1-5/8”.

However, the full product dimension is 2.6 x 9.7 x 9.8 inches and weight is light 3.09 pounds. The model is available in 1 pack, 2 pack and even 5-pack layout so you can take according to your needs.

Apart from its fantastic using design, the power source of the device is air. Although you have to buy the air compressor separately but you can apply 60 to 110PSI pressure which adds excellent convenience in a working hour.

It is made in aluminum material and anti-vibration comfort grip handle that ensures comfort, durability, and lightweight.

Therefore the model is featuring no-mar safety contact, anti-dust cap, 360-degree adjustable exhaust, reloaded indicator ad few other excellent functions. All these settings together make the model ideal for jobs like trimming, finishing, siding, framing, flooring, roofing and so on.

Well, this is a two-in-one model that can be used in two ways. Besides budget-friendly and lightweight so why not make a try? 


  • Most versatile design
  • Inexpensive
  • Non-mar safety contact prevent an accident
  • Can be adjusted
  • Having reloaded indicator
  • Offer two work in one device
  • Lightweight
  • An anti vibrating handle


  • Need oil and air compressor
  • Require routine maintenance
  • Nail Gauge: 18
  • Nail size: 5/8" to 2-1/8"
  • Magazine capacity: 100 Nail
  • Weight: 5.16 Pounds
  • Power method: Corded-electric
BOSTITCH Nail Gun Brad Nailer

Next, we have presented the best electric brad nailer from the top-rated brand BOSTITCH. The surname of the selected model is BTFP12233 and similar to our other model it is also 18 gauge brad nailer.

Unlike other electric brad nailer the particular model design in slim profile along with yellow and black color finish. The manufacturer offers three different styles only bard nailer, oil-free smart point brad nailer, and only oil-free brad nailer.

Among them, we have picked the smart point oil-free brad nailer and the device full dimension is 12.2 x 11.7 x 4.5 inches and the weight is 5.16 pounds.

Now at the point of functionality, the device allows you to choose the trigger system and countersinking option. The setups will capable users to customize the nailer according to the user project and need.

While the manufacturer already declares it is an ideal model for work like cabinetry, paneling, and upholstery and so on.

Moreover, the smart point oil-free technology allows a user to easily place the nail and as it is oil-free the device will free from stain.  In addition, the Dial-A-Depth controls the countersinking of the brad nail and selectable trigger that prevent the device from an unwanted accident.

Lastly, it is an electric nailer so obviously you need an electric cord to run it. Plus the operating system allows 70-120PSI pressure that is enough for any small to big project.

If you are looking for an electric brad nailer as you don’t want to buy an additional air compressor or battery. Then no other model can compete with this selected model. 


  • Oil, gas, air and battery-free mechanism
  • The easy tool-less jam release system
  • Comes with advance Dial-A-Depth control system
  • Trigger modes can be changed per need
  • Fit any tight and slim corner
  • Having a narrow nose


  • Absent of indicator light
  • Get jams easily
  • Nail Gauge: 18
  • Nail size: 5/8" to 2"
  • Magazine capacity: 100 Nail
  • Weight: 2.65 Pounds
  • Power method: Pneumatic
Dewalt Brad Nailer kit

Previously we have included DEWALT DCN680B that is run through a battery. And this time we have come with the model namely DWFP12231 which is run through airpower.  Actually we want to say, both models have different feature and that why we again back with DEWALT another model.

Although there is much difference between both but one thing is common that both of the bard nailer is coated in yellow color. Likewise, they are almost the same in size and design.

The full product dimension is 13 x 3.7 x 13.1 inches and weight is light 2.65 pounds compare to DEWALT DCN680B.

Forwarding to the performance, our included two DEWALT model has featured in 18 gauge function. Since it is plastic made has no computer inside the motor so less at price.

In spite of the reasonable price, the device has removal non-marring nose, comfortable anti-slip grip handle, and adjustable belt hook. These set up undoubtedly make the nailer comfortable and provide great performance.

Moreover, it has a tool free depth-of-drive adjustable nail nose that features with tool-free jam release mechanism.

Although its magazine capacity is 100 nail but unfortunately the manufacturer does not include any nail into the package.  But the bard nailer comes with carrying case and user manual that can somehow minimize the gap.

Actually we have included another DEWALT model for those who look budget-friendly models from the brands besides now day most the nailer runs through air compressors so it might meet the maximum people need. 


  • Allow pressure from 70-120PSI
  • Maintenance-free motor
  • Tool free jam cleaning
  • Comes with non-marring removal nose
  • Design with a rubber grip handle
  • Reasonable in price


  • Not ideal for professional use
  • Need the practice to operate it properly
  • Nail Gauge: 18
  • Nail size: 5/8" and 1/2''
  • Magazine capacity: 100 Nail and 400 staple
  • Weight: 3.35 Pounds
  • Power method: Electric (120 volts)
Electric Brad Nailer

The last but not the least product on our top list is another best 18 gauge, electric bard nailer. This one has two settings unlike many others on these lists that give it a chance to make a place in top categories. The bard nailer pulse staple nickname is N6033 which we have collected from Neu Master Brands.

The notable factor is the device of its uncommon color combination. The manufacturer gives it a green and black color finish which is rear in bard nailer. It is an electric device and requires 120 volts to run properly.

The full product dimension is 7 x 10 x 2 inches and weight is 3.35 pounds. The price tag is extremely low so anyone can afford it.

The maximum product in our list has few special characteristics and in this case, this particular model comes with two settings. You can use it as a brad nailer and also staple as per your project need.

The manufacturer included 100 nails and 400 pc staples with the device that gives it an extra quality. Beside make it a perfect device for a project like upholstery, wooden handiwork and home improvement and even DIY project.

In order to provide ultimate comfort, it is built-in soft-grip ergonomic handle. Therefore comes with adjustable power knob and contact safety switch prevents the unintentional firing system.

This is the finest option for you if you want a nailer just for few times use. Because it is cheap in price and accordingly not so strong for use it for a long term project. Perfectly suits for pet house making, photo frame hanging and so on. 


  • Quick and easy mechanism
  • Both for nail and staple use
  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Ideal for a small project


  • Not for professional use
  • Not having long-lasting durability

What is brad nailer?

In the beginning, we have promised to give you the proper definition of a bard nailer and accordingly we are here to fulfill our promise. By the way, a bard nailer quite looked like a small gun that is power by whether electric cord, air compressor, and batteries.

Generally, it is used for smaller to medium type of jobs where you want to avoid splitting surfaces. Maximum bard nailers are featured in 18-gauge nails with a maximum length of between 5/8 to 2 1/8 inches to 3/8 to 2 inches.

Since the bard nailer is almost invisible after placing it in the targeted appliances. So the device is undoubtedly ideal for medium jobs or projects like attaching small to medium types of wood, trimming, and decorative work and so on.

A bard nailer and finish nailer is same thing?

We included this question in the information section because we find people get confused between a brad nailer and a finish nailer. Although both the device almost looks similar and it's genuine you got confused if you are new to use the device.

By the way, a bard nailer will always smaller than a finish nailer and normally used for a job where you don’t need high power. Whereas the bard nailers feature in 18 to 21 gauge nails and finish nailer basically feature in 15 to 16 gauge nails.

Since bard nailer length is small in size whereas finish nailers are not so small. So if you want to do a project like paneling, crown or base modeling, staircase, cabinet or window base project then you should go for finish nailer.

We hope now you became clear about the difference between barn nailer and finish nailer right?

Thing to consider before buying a bard nailer (Buying Guide)

In spite of our best bard nailer list, we have included the buying guide in order acknowledge you about the considerable factor. No matter which product you have chosen for you before your final approach you should know is it appropriate for your job or not. This buying guide will help you to understand the matter and assist you to choose the right one for you.

Let’s get started to gather knowledge!

Bard nailer power source

The fist and most important factor of any tool is its operating system. Consequently, brad nailer also comes across this question no doubt. Well, by the above-listed verity model you already got there are mainly three types of power source now available in bard nailer.

They are- pneumatic or air compressor, battery or rechargeable power system and lastly electric cord power sources. Among them, pneumatic/air compressor is the most popular and demandable that owns the maximum consumer heart.

 Magazine capacity

The next considerable factor you have to check the bard nailer magazine capacity. Perhaps our included maximum model has 100 nail magazine capacities but of course, there are other models that offer 100 plus or minus nail capacity.

Although now a day 100 nail magazine capacity bard nailer is considered as the finest piece. In spite of that, we advise you, if you want more or less you should check out this before you make the final decision.

Besides, there are many models that have featured with both nails and staples so you must have to make sure each component capacity.


Measuring or figure out the device weight is the third number considerable factor which you should not ignore. You have to hold the device for a long hour whether for small or professional jobs. So if the weight of the tool is heavies then it creates difficulties in a holdup.

Besides, the weight makes a great impact on your energy and device usability. So it is fruitful you check the device weight before making your final decision.

Nose size or design

You can’t ignore the nailer nose design or size if you want an ideal device that can fit both narrow and normal place. It is always good to go for narrow shape nose design or size because it can fit every kind of place.

But it does not mean wide shape nailer is bad. The thing you have to consider for what type of job you actually need the nailer. Then it will easy for you to find out narrow or wide nose which one fits best.

Jam release process

No matter which bard nailer you have taken it is obvious you have to clean the jam whether routine base or needed time. It will be good if you can choose a tool-less jam release bard nailer then you can free from buying additional tools.

Likewise, it takes less effort and less cost and at the time keeps the device healthy.

Extra feature

Although this option can be called an optional considerable factor but if you can check this you will be benefitted. At present day, bard nailer comes with extra features like an LED light indicator, dry lockout process, storage case, safety goggle and so on.

You can check your selected model extra feature that will undoubtedly add super convenience.


The last number of considerable factor is the device price. Now at this point, you have to think do you buy the brad nailer for any long term professional use or just for a home base project. In case you buy it for professional use then we suggest you can go for an expensive model.

But if you need the device just for doing any short time home project or children project. It is well then you look for an inexpensive price tag.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about brad nailer

  • What is the best brad nailer?

Answer: The nailer that has structure in ideal shape along with lightweight and needed feature it calls the perfect brad nailer. In other words, the 18 gauge, 100 nail capacities, lightweight, LED light indicator, 5/8 to 2 1/8 inches nail size is the example of ideal bard nailer.

  • What is the best cordless brad nailer?

Answer: Well, we have included a few finest pieces of cordless or electric bard nailer in our top categories. You can check the PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer that is undoubtedly the best version of the cordless nailer.

  • What is the best 18 gauge brad nailer?

Answer: Actually we can’t answer this question directly because we have listed the top 18 gauge bard nailers list above. All are great in feature, quality, performance, and functionality. So it depends on you which one meets your needs.

  • What are the brands make the best brad nailer?

Answer: More or less our included maximum brands are well recognized for making first rated bard nailers. In spite of that, some noteworthy names are- Makita, PORTER-CABLE, WEN, Hitachi, DEWALT and so on.

Final words

Hopefully, the best bard nailer review will be helpful for you for your next or first buy. To wrap up this article, we could say there are verities of bard nailers out there. We selected top 10 bard nailer for you according to their awesome feature, performance, design, functionality and special characteristics.

 Furthermore, they are different in price tag and above all super in quality. So you can take any of them according to your budget and need. Best of luck for your first or next purchase!