How to Use Dowel Jig?

Before I start discussing how to use a dowel jig, let me give you a short brief about what a dowel jig is.

A dowel jig is a tool that is used to create a correct hole and assist in joining 2 logs precisely. During a wood-working project, using a dowel jig, you can drill pocket holes and different fashion frames.

Now, let’s follow the below steps to learn “how to use dowel jig.”

Guide to Use Dowel Jig

Guide to Use Dowel Jig

Step 01: Firstly, losing the side bolts of the dowel jig is necessary. Take note that the jigs are always tended to get expanded.

Step 02: Now, select the log that you are looking to join. Highlight the side where you want to create the hole.

Step 03: In this step, we are going to start the drilling. Make sure the marks of the log pieces are matching together, and we will line up the 2 logs precisely using the jig later.

Step 04: To avoid any movement of the log, the bolt needs to be tightened. It will let you drill into the wood pieces, without any disturbance.

Step 05: Start making the holes and make sure you are drilling onto the black round parts of the dowel jig. Keep a note that, if you need to alter the size of the black pieces, you can do it easily according to the drill bit size.

Step 06: Follow the same process on the another plank of a log.

While drilling, in this process, you need to be a bit more cautious than before. Why?

Make sure you have taken the other side of the dowel jig to create horizontal drilling. Besides, there are chances that you won’t get the proper clamping there. To stop the movement of the log, you can use a manual clamp. Thus, your result will be more precise.

Step 07: At this step, you need to follow some handy work. Take one log and place the dwell into the holes of the log. Check whether the marks are matching or not. Both the logs require a well-tight.

Step 08: Confirm all the joints are given appropriately. If you feel, you need additional protection, before joining the second log, using glue will be helpful in this regard.

Safety Tips

Although dwell jig is a small tool, you can’t avoid following the safety tips. If you are working with a dwell jig for the first time, confirm you have gone through reading all the manual intently. Find out the below bullet points of few safety tips that you need to follow meticulously.

  • To protect your eyes, use goggles or eyeglasses.
  • Wear thin and loose clothes and non-slippery footwear.
  • If you have long hair, don’t forget to roll them up. Also, don’t wear a long sleeve shirt.
  • Dowel jig loves to work gently, so don’t force the tool to complete the operation.

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