Top 7 Best Cordless Sawzall-Everything in a Nutshell

Best Cordless Sawzall

Being a worker of a professional workshop, I have interacted with thousands of other workers in these years. All of them have expressed their discontent about working with wired saws in places short on space. The wire tends to coil up very frequently as well.

In such a situation, working with a cordless Sawzall is like to feel a breeze in a scorching desert. As the wire doesn't tangle up, working with it and carrying it is a hands-down chore!

But not all cordless reciprocating saws are to provide you with the exact comfort that you have been hunting for.

 Our Picks 7 Best Cordless Sawzall List for 2021

We totally understand how puzzled you feel while choosing a Sawzall out of thousands of them. To make your searching process a tad easy peasy, we are to enrich you with an article that'll let you know EVERYTHING before buying the best cordless Sawzall.

Here we have chronicled about the best rated cordless Sawzall ruling the market.

 1. DEWALT 20V Max (DCS387B)

Dewalt 20V Max saw


  • Super-sturdy.
  • Lightweight. Easy-to-carry.
  • 1-⅛” stroke length.
  • 2,900 strokes every minute; Renders fast cutting speed.
  • Quadruple position blade clamp
  • Luminous LED light.

The DEWALT 20V (DCS387B) Max is the exact sturdy and feather-light and alluring design for which you have always craved for! No wonder why this Dewalt cordless reciprocating saw became the NUMBER ONE in the recommendation list. It has been able to win the heart of every user that has given it a try even once!

Rendering up to 2,900 strokes within a minute is as easy as pie if you get this amazing tool which has 1-⅛” stroke length and alterable speed trigger. This cordless reciprocating Sawzall is more efficient and faster than many other ones spoiling your reputation in the workstation.

When it comes to involving with variety of application, mainstream ones fail to ace it. Whereas, this extraordinary reciprocal saw has a quadruple-position blade clamp along with flush cutting and luminous LED light for illuminating the obscure areas. Using the top-of-the-mark LED light you can execute your chores even in darkest corners.

Working in a painstaking confined area? No worries! DEWALT 20V MAX (DCS387B) will help you in that case by fitting between ardent corners. You can easily make cuts in the tiniest corner if you get this best reciprocating saw.

Uncommonly, it features a unique pivotal shoe that guarantees to provide you with ambidexterity while functioning. The unique pivotal shoe adjusted in it lets it be your best buddy in the work field. It ensures extra-comfort and maximum grip.

TOOL only, no batteries or charger included in it. You need to purchase a battery and charger coordinating with it from somewhere else.


  • Rapid cutting speed
  • Includes unique pivotal shoe
  • Lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Contains top-of-the-mark LED light
  • Ensures extra-comfort and maximum grip.


  • No batteries or charger included.
  • No brushless motor included.
Bare Tool Milwaukee


  • LITHIUM-ION battery.
  • Guaranteeing 75 percent more cuts in every charge.
  • Patented gear-protecting clutch for longevity.
  • QUIK-LOK blade moor.
  • On-board battery fuel gauge.

This mind-boggling 2620-20 from Bare-Tool Milwaukee is presumably the best cordless Sawzall accessible in the mechanical game. If you go for this budget-friendly and easy-to-use tool you might not regret looking for a better one.

This exceptional fighter has18V XC high potential LITHIUM-ION battery that renders you with 75 extra cuts in every charge with less vibration.

The individualized gear-protecting clasp in it allows you handily extend the longevity of your best friend by curtailing wear to requisite areas of the saw.

The tool action QUIK-LOK blade moor skillfully helps you to withdraw and replace blades without any nuisance like a snap!

Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2620-20 M18 comes with a unique battery fuel gauge that lets you watch over the remaining battery run-validity in order to up to when you can use it before charging. It lets you estimate up to which period you can execute your chores.

Furthermore, the variable speed trigger permits you to match the exact speed that you prefer for your work or projects. Weighing approximately 1pounds it might a bit heavy but trust me the rigid and heavy-duty feature of this magical tool will not disappoint you.

This is a TOOL ONLY, doesn’t include batteries within the pack.


  • Budget-friendly and easy-to-use.
  • Gear-protecting clutch.
  • Guarantees 75 extra cuts
  • QUIK-LOK blade moor.
  • On-board battery fuel gauge
  • Least vibration occurs.


  • The tool only, no batteries included.
  • A bit of bulky to carry.
Black Decker 20V


  • Inaugural battery voltage.
  • Alterable speed trigger.
  • Dynamic brake.
  • 3000 SPM motor.
  • Customizable pivotal shoe.
  • 0-3,000 strokes within a minute.
  • ⅞” Stroke length.

BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C is one of the slenderest and hands-down tools to keep in your tool-box. If you purchase this amazing beauty, you won’t even look at another one once!

The most common problem with every reciprocating saw is that they don’t come with a battery or charger. You need to buy them separately.

Unlike the general ones, BLACK+ DECKER BDCR20C will provide you with a top-of-the-grade charger and battery along with one of the best reciprocating saws.

To let you enjoy an enhanced charge, we are to equip you with an alterable speed trigger and dynamic brake. Along with it, you get to enjoy a super-powerful 3000 SPM motor for extra durability. Superfast cutting speed ensures that your PVC, wood, plastics or even roots are evenly cut.

No-tool, reciprocating blade changes and adaptable pivoting shoe lets you enjoy even your hectic working hours. Working with this alluring reciprocal saw may enhance your productivity percentage to a higher level.

The ultimate inaugural battery voltage that you’ll get in the BDCR20C is 20V (without a workload). And the nominal voltage is 18V.

0-3,000 strokes per minute are what you get to enjoy if you put your hands on this top-notch recap saw. Such luxurious stroke level with a stroke length of ⅞” isn’t something that mainstream reciprocating saws can provide you with.


  • The tool is lender and easy-to-use.
  • An alterable speed trigger and dynamic brake.
  • 0-3,000 strokes per minute
  • Battery and charger included.
  • Maximum 20V battery voltage.
  • Superfast cutting speed


  • Vibrates too muc
  • A bit of bulky.
Makita XRJ07R1B 18V


  • 0-3,000 strokes within a minute.
  • 13/16” stroke length.
  • Brushless motor.
  • Ergonomic and heavy-duty body with a length of 12-½” only.
  • Weighs only 5.7 lbs.
  • NO-TOOL blade change method.
  • Electric blade.
  • Adjustable shoe included
  • LED light.
  • Extreme Protection Technology (XPT).
  •  Rubber-soft handles for extra grip.

Very few reciprocating saws are truly able to fulfill your needs. Makita XRJ07R1B is one of them. This exclusive and heavy-duty reciprocal saw is a complete package to go for. This is undoubtedly one of the bests if not the best cordless brushless reciprocating saw crafted ever!

XRJ07R1B beautifully delivers 0-3,000 strokes within a minute by its Makita-built extraordinary brushless motor. It stars a Stroke length of 13/16” for rapid and efficient cutting. Reinforced customized shoes and rubbery handle for extra grip and durability.

The ergonomic and heavy-duty body with a length of 12-½” makes it the cream of the crop! As the weight of it is only 5.7 lbs., you can very easily carry it wherever you want. Fretting about using bulky Sawzall is over if you purchase this beauty.

Working in tight places is pretty hard with a bulky and ardent Sawzall. Things get easier if you go for this stunning tool as it is THE IDEAL choice for tight spaces.

The unique NO-TOOL blade change method ensures a more agile blade installation, electric blade and an LED light to render you maximum productivity, less time consumption, and 100 percent visibility.

The Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) crafted in it ensures a cloud of excellent and improved dust and water resistance rigid operations.


  • Lightweight and easy to work with.
  • Includes LED light to render maximum productivity.
  • NO-TOOL blade change method.
  • Adjustable shoe included.
  • Extreme Protection Technology.
  • Ergonomic and heavy-duty body.


  • No rafter hook included.
Porter cable 20V


  • 0-3,000SPM every minute.
  • Compact and tool-free blade installation only with a length of 14.5”
  • Alterable speed trigger.
  • Contoured over-molded handle; section of the 20V Max System.

Tired of mainstream Sawzalls not being able to meet the performance you desire for? Get yourself the best rated cordless Sawzall. Porter-cable (PCC67OB) is just the magic wand you’ve been searching for!

This Tigersaw is the best match for a high-performance as it renders you 1” stroke length along with 0-3,000 SPM per minute. This amazing boon will come with such an aggressive speed that is totally out of this world!

Even though it comes with a length of 14.5”, it skillfully reaches even the tightest corners like a snap! Swift and tool-free blade installation are the featured that comes to a promise with PORTER-CABLE (PCC67OB).

Getting some extraordinary cutting varieties through an alterable speed trigger with this best-rated cordless Sawzall makes life easier than ever! Keeping back-to-back contact with materials is as easy as a cake with the pivoting shoe along with PCC670B.

Searching for increased comfort? Here it is! You will get the absolute comfort that you have been searching for years with a contoured over-molded handle in it which has been optimized in order to provide you with extra-luxury.

This best rated cordless Sawzall is a section of the 20V Max System. Going for this boon will get you a great deal of fortune!


  • Alterable speed trigger.
  • 20V Max System
  • 0-3,000SPM every minute
  • Includes an alterable speed trigger
  • Contoured over-molded handle
  • Pivoting shoe.


  • TOOL ONLY; No battery included.
Worx WX550L 20V


  • Feather-light but heavy-duty.
  • Easy-to-carry.
  • Unique dust blower.
  • Quick and effective blade installation.
  • Compatible 20V battery.
  • Innovative multi-purpose design

Looking for the best cordless Sawzall for the money? Undertaking woodworks is such a matter of disgust, isn’t it? Spice it to a bit more with this brand new WORXS WX550L 20V AXIS! If you are thinking about buying a brand new one, this might be the right choice to put your hands on.

If you go for this WORX WX550L, switching from jigsaw to reciprocal saw for maximum adaptive ability with an open hook is guaranteed. In every application, better customization is no more a dream.

Quick and effective blade installation without adding up any extra tool makes it the hero of any catch-22 situation in your workplace. This boon with its orbital mode makes your working experience as smooth as satin.

The 2 in 1 pivotal, pushbutton head transforms your reciprocal saw into a jigsaw within the blink of your eyes. Wood, metal, PVC pipe or fiberglass-you just name it and WORX WX550L cuts it in a skilled manner.

Weighing only 4.2 lb,s this slender and compact tool curtails a great amount of fatigue to ensure your maximum productivity. It has an uncommon dust blower included with it provides you with a better opportunity through better visibility. The dust blower drives dust and debris away from your cutting surface.

The 20V LITHIUM battery in this package is a shareable one and can be compatible with other devices as well. The battery and charger along with lets you save your valuable time as you don’t need to look for them in the market.


  • Charged by 20V LITHIUM battery
  • Includes a unique dust blower.
  • Quick and effective blade installation.
  • Orbital mode features.
  • Ensures maximum productivity.
  • It  can be used as a reciprocal saw.


  • Lack of space in order to observe while cutting
  • No safety switch included in i
DEwalt 20V MAX


  • 4-position blade for enhanced positional luxury.
  • 1-⅛” stroke length.
  • Rapid cutting speed trigger.
  • 0-3,000 SPM.
  • Pivotal adjustable shoe.
  • Long lasted blade.
  • LED light.

No matter what you are- carpenter, framer, plumber, rescue crew or electrician an unproductive saw can spoil every bit of your work. Getting a saw worth it is the first condition to curb the difficulties while working.

DEWALT 20V MAX has been brought to your door to make your working experience more lucid than ever! This version of Dewalt reciprocating saw has skillfully been able to ad its name in the list of one of the best rated cordless reciprocating saw.

The extraordinarily unique features and the patented technology of this DCS380B makes it the best weapon to ace the mechanical game with. Extending the longevity of the blade and permitting depth control with the pivotally adjustable shoe is no more rocket science when you buy this boon.

The 4-position blade lets you experience an amazing cutting and enhanced positional luxury. You can enjoy 0-3,000 SPM per minute with a stroke length of 1-⅛” Inch if you go for this one.

Cutting your desired materials with this best cordless Sawzall is just as easy as a child’s play! With mainstream Sawzalls, you need tons of experience to cut a single piece PVC. Contrarily working with DCS380B is easy-peasy with a tighter grip and faster control!

There are some situations when your reciprocating saw doesn’t be by your side while working in darker or obscure areas. This Dewalt reciprocating saw features an extra-ordinary LED light that’ll let you work without being lethargic in darker corners. Now can work even in the most rigid and darkest corner without any hassle.


  • Features an extra-ordinary LED light.
  • Patented technology.
  • Pivotal adjustable shoe 0-3,000 SPM per minute.
  • Includes a 4-position blade.


  • No blade included with it
  • The battery and charger aren’t sold with it

Things to Consider before Buying The best cordless sawzall

If you’re not well acquainted with the facts that you need to consider before buying a reciprocal saw, you might end bringing home a faulty one.

In order to help you, we are to let you know the points that you need to consider before purchasing a Sawzall-


The working ability of your Sawzall chiefly depends on the power output in it. In this case,” the power that it beholds is everything”.5-15 amps is the criteria in which most of the reciprocating saw comes.

The superior amperage it has, the more output the saw can render. But if you are to execute simple chores you may go for a lower amperage one. In that case, buying a higher amperage, you might be a waste of riches.


One of the most highlighted features of reciprocating saws is that they are very easy to carry and lift. But anyways there are variations of the weight from brand to brand

If you are prone to work on tasks that are generally prolonged and time-consuming, working with the heavier one might work for you.

Contrarily, if you frequently travel to places for your work, you should go for a light-weight one. The weight of the saw is one of the most important things that you need to consider before getting your hands on any Sawzall.


The cordless reciprocating saws are mostly more budget-friendly than the other counterparts of it. Usually, if you want to work with the cordless tool, you will need more parts.

If you desire to get the work done within a cheaper figure, there’s nothing more perfect than a cordless reciprocating saw. It doesn’t pinch your pocket much.

Wrapping It Up! 

You can find a wide range of reciprocating saws ruling the market. But not all of them are worth your money or productivity. To be honest, it isn’t a child’s play to assist you with which cordless reciprocal saw you can ace your work.

But we can at least direct you towards getting the best cordless Sawzall acing the business! These are the budget-friendly Sawzalls that have skillfully gained the highest recommendations among the users. If you mull over the pros and cons of these modern tools, I’m sure that you’ll be able to find your RIGHT one.