How to Use an Angle Grinder to Cut Metal?

Old-school tools are losing their appeal to modern power tools. When you are going to cut a sturdy, stubborn metal, you might be thinking of a hacksaw to accomplish the cutting operation.

But my friend, I want to tell you, after reading this article, you will change your mind, and you will look for an angle grinder to cut metal.

Step by Step Process – Cutting Metal Using an Angle Grinder

Required Tools

  • An angle grinder.
  • An active power source.
  • Power cable (5 ft.).
  • Ideal sized metal disc.
  • Clamp – to support your work-pieces
  • The work sample.

Preparing the grinder

Take the grinder and set the disc into it. Firstly, open the spindle, then place the right metal disc and finally fasten the nut in its place gently. Make sure you are ready with all your PPE, and the power source of the tool is unplugged.

Preparing the grinder

Marking out the cut

Select a table as your worktop for this project. Then, place the metal securely using a clamp on the worktop.

Once you set up the disc and did a trial, I believe you have already outlined the cutting design on the metal. If not, sketch the design placing the work-piece on the worktop.

Let me give you few ideas of marking the design.

If the design is a straight line, mark out the 2 endpoints of the line. Then along with the line, engrave a scratch.

If you are looking to cut with a zigzag style, rough draft the different angles of the design, using the awl to etch out the straight lines and show the overall pattern.

Switch on the machine and start cutting

After you thoroughly outlined the pattern, now you are all set to switch on the angle grinder and start cutting.

Remember to hold the tool with both hands securely. When the disc is rotating, don't hurry, provide a gentle tap on the outlines that you have engraved on the metal.

Gently hold the angle grinder. It will help you to complete the task efficiently. If you force it to work, it may fly off from your hand, and any unwanted incident may happen.

Follow the directions carefully, don’t change it carelessly

If you work casually, high chance that the grinder may rev offline. To avoid this situation, while cutting, move the angle grinder to and fro along with the line.

The grinder will not give you fast cutting if you force it to cut.

However, keep on working following the same process until you enter the whole thickness of the metal. Carry on with the same speed and concentration until you reach the other side of the etched outline. Don’t change the direction of the grinder carelessly.

Complete the cut 

You have competed cutting the metal successfully. However, if you look at the edge, you will find edges are highly sharp, which may cause any damage. Using the grinder, you can make the edges smooth.

To do this, take out the disc from the grinder and insert a 40-greet flapper in the wheeler. Run the grinder within the newly cut edge line. Thus, the sharp edges will become smooth.

Safety Tips​​​​

Safety precautions are mandatory during an operation running with an angle grinder. Goggles, safety boots, hand gloves, are personal compulsory protective gears.

Also, don’t wear loose clothes, and use a secured floor to avoid any sudden fall of the work-pieces.

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