How to Use an Air Compressor to Fill a Tire

A beautiful sunny day and you have decided to go on a trip. Everything is set for the trip. You started driving your car. But unfortunately, you can’t go far away because the tire of your vehicle gets flattened due to less air. Isn’t it enough to ruin your beautiful day?

However, in this regard, an air compressor will assist you in filling your car tire up with air. Don’t you know how to use an air compressor to fill a tire?

Well, no worries, stay with me until I finish this article.

How to use an air compressor to fill up your flat tire with air? 

1. Learn the required air pressure for your car tire

It is significantly crucial for you to know; how much pressure is suitable for your car tire. Majority of the vehicle requires 100 – 150 PSI (per square inch) at every tire. Depending on the weather, the axle load and the quantity of the axle, the exact amount may vary.

Using a tire gauge, you can learn how much-compressed air is required for your car tire. Don’t put more air than the requirement, because more than enough air will create handling issues.

Also, if you put less air into the car tire, you can experience additional friction that will lead your car tire to excessive heat at the rubber surface.

Try to fill up the car tire with air when your car tire is in cool condition. A cool condition will give you an accurate reading. A hot tire will show you higher air pressure in the tire gauge.

If you experience a flat tire while driving, give your car tire a rest for 30 minutes and then start providing air into it.

2. Preparing the tire

Every tire contains a stem cap, and you will find it at the upper portion of the valve stem. Remove the cap, but don’t misplace it. Keep the air compressor ready because after removing the cap, some leftover air can escape. You shouldn’t give a chance to air to escape.

3. Turn the air compressor on

Air compressor runs with an electric power source. Let the air pressure be accumulated with the air by plugging it. Correct voltage outlet is mandatory for the air compressor. If you run the air compressor with the wrong circuit, it may blow out. So, keep yourself safe.

Attach the compressor and the air hose. This way, the air will get pushed to the valve stem. The safety position of the nozzle should be activated. Turn the air compressor on while keeping the hose secured to the valve stem.

4. Remove the hose

During filling up the tire with air, inspect the pressure of the tire from time to time. Once the tire is filled up with the ideal amount of air, release the hose from the air compressor. Place the stem cap to its position back.


Follow the above mentioned simple steps to start your trip again. And give a “thanks” to your air compressor.

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